Are dried fruits wash? Or should it be consumed directly without washing every fruit we buy dried? Dry fruits are a delicious and healthy way to store seasonal fruits and consume all year round. There are various kinds of dry fruit that we can consume for snacks, desserts, salads, yogurt for a healthy breakfast.
Dry fruits can become healthier or more delicious than drying methods. Drying can be with additional sugar or plain. Additional sulfur can be used to use various protectors to prolong the shelf life. Or, harvested fruits can be dried without extra intervention.
Fruits can be dried on open drying stalls as “day dry ında under the sun. Drying can be performed in a short time with special dryer machines. Machines are especially the ideal method for drying winter fruits and vegetables. dried fruits? Regardless of the method, during or after the drying process, the fruits will be superficially contaminated with dust soil during the time they spend on the stalls.
More importantly, there may also be various chemicals that we will not want to consume in some dried fruits that we are not sure of the source.
The easiest and practical method of purifying our healthy dried fruits from all these pollutants is to wash them.
Washing dried fruits is yes healthy. However, it requires attention to several small points.
First of all, fruits should always be washed cold water. Washing with hot water can cause flavor and melting in fruits.
A second important point is the washing of the fruits only in the time and the amount to be consumed. Fruits should not be washed and stored in bulk. As a result of a washing, the fruits will be faced with the risk of mold and mold if they cannot be dried correctly and adequately.

Is dried apricot washed? How to wash? Dried apricots are dried together with sulfur. Sulfur makes the fruit in a long -lasting and pleasant yellow color.
However, sulfur brings with it various health risks. For this reason, it is recommended to be washed especially before consuming dried yellow apricots.
After politely washed under water flowing apricots, it is enough to filter the water.

Will the day dry be washed? The risk of chemicals is lower in apricots dried as day dry. Possible dust can be washed or directly consumed in these apricots to purify the soil. This is up to the preference.
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