Brunete is a garnish that is often prepared in Christmas time in Danish, adorning pleasant tables.
Potatoes that are caramelized with sugar have a unique flavor beyond the estimates!
Brunetes are often served together with meat dishes, chicken and other dense proteins at crowded family tables.
Preparing cartofes in the brouquet is actually quite practical.
With its basic and simplest expression, the potatoes are boiled with shells. And then fully cooked potatoes combine with pre -caramelized sugar.
For the recipe, small size, fresh and not softening potatoes are preferred in all states.
The choice of sugar, which is Karamalized, is often made for brunette sugar.
Potatoes come together with caramelized sugar and gain a delicious, crispy taste when covered with this sugar. The taste obtained is definitely more than boiled potatoes!
While a deep pan is used to boil the potatoes, a non -stick pan is preferred to meet caramelized sugar and potatoes.
BRunede Kartofler Recipe Ingredients
1 kg small potatoes
2 tablespoons of powdered sugar
2 spoonful butter

How is it prepared? Start by boiling the potatoes in the menstrual you want. Make sure you prefer the small and alive ones.
Cook the potatoes exactly, but not much more!
Do not peel the shells while boiling the potatoes and don’t forget to add some rock salt to boiled water.
After draining the juice of the cooked potatoes, separate them from the shells and lift them to the refrigerator to completely cool.
It is not difficult to prepare cartofes in the bruze, but it requires some patience. Ideally, potatoes should stay in the refrigerator overnight. However, if you are sure that they are completely cool, it will be enough for a shorter time.
It’s time to meet potatoes and sugar!
First, put the sugar in a pan and allow to melt on fire on the lowest heat.
Make sure you do not mix too much while the sugar melts.
The sugar will be ready when it turns brown and completely.
At this point, it’s time to add butter!
When the butter melts completely, add the potatoes to this mixture!
In the first place, it is normal for the sugar to meet with potatoes to crystallize.
This structure will return to normal in a short time with heat and the sugar will melt.
Help all of the potatoes with sugar and butter.
When potatoes and other ingredients are completely intertwined, the cartofler is ready to serve!
Enjoy your meal!
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