Cayenne pepper is also more commonly referred to as the Albanian pepper. It is a kind of pepper that is accepted as a moderate pain according to the scoville scale among the world peppers. However, if we compare with the peppers we carry to our tables, it is one of the really painful ones.
It is more painful than Jalapeno, a close relative.
Caynins; Bright red colored thin and long structure.
Latin name: Capsicum Annum
This type of pepper can be consumed as fresh and whole. In addition, pickles are installed. It can also be served by drying. Although it is not the most common form of use in our country, Cayenne pepper is most commonly used in powder form in the world.
It is very practical to use the peppers in powder state. While the cayenne Albanian pepper usually becomes a color that plays to the orange. cayenne pepper coloring the tables as a flavor all over the world. It is also preferred for a wide range of health benefits.
The main source of these benefits is the active ingredient named capsaicin, which is largely content.
In addition to capsaisin, Albanian peppers are rich in vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin K.
Peppers are thought to have positive effects on eye health, reproductive health, heart, lung, kidney health and immune system.
[Button Link = “” Color = “Red” Newwindow = “Yes”] It can also facilitate digestion. It can alleviate complaints such as heartburn, gastric burning.
It accelerates metabolism with capsaicin. This can accelerate and facilitate weight loss in indirect way.
Albanian pepper cream & oil
There are creams prepared with Albanian pepper and oils suitable for the body. These creams and oils are interesting with pain relief effects. They are often preferred to get rid of arthritis pain.
Where does Cayenne pepper grow? Cayenne pepper grows in almost every region in our country. Our country is in the first place in Albanian pepper production in the world.
It is possible to grow this species, which is suitable for seed production even in large pots. Peppers will adapt to a wide variety of climatic types.

When is Cayenne pepper seed planted? The transplantation of the species is similar to other peppers. Spring, autumn and summer can be planted. It is of great importance for the seeds not to see and eat minus degrees and to survive.
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