Cibreska; Lentil grass, Jibrisa, Chiprika, Çubrika, Merze, Çubritsa, Deer, Sater, Çibrisa or Zateer is also known as the names. It is indispensable for Balkan cuisine.
Also known as chicken grass. This is because it is very worthy of chicken dishes.
The Latin name is Satureja Hortensis.
Zahter thyme grown in the Aegean – which is also referred to as summer thyme – is very similar.
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Bulgarian Spice: Cibreska is a spice used just like mint or thyme. It has gained a very important place especially in the Balkan cuisine. It is used in breakfast tables, soups and main courses. Tea is brewed.
It grows much more difficult than mint or thyme. It is a coy plant. Selects climate. Usually used after dried and crumbled.
There are pink and eflatun colored flowers.
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How to use the land? Which dishes are added to? Meat, meatballs are very good. It is an indispensable part of the meat rice dish called Büryan, one of the Balkan cuisine.
It is also widely used in İnegöl meatballs. Gives the pleasant aroma to meatballs.
In the immigrant cuisine, also known as the spice of boiled potatoes, boiled potatoes.
Bulgaria, Greece and Pomak immigrants are not missing from the table of these special, pleasant flavored spice soups are also worthy of.
It is especially compatible with tarhana and tomato soup.
It is consumed by mixing with olive oil on breakfast tables and applied on the fried bread.
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What are the benefits of decking grass? It is known as a spice of stomach and intestine. It has no indigestion, gas and diuretic properties.
Is antispectic.
It is a kind of spice that often resorted to in colds such as colds and colds. Strengthens the immune system.
It is thought to have an accelerating effect on getting rid of throat infections.
Sexual strength.
It helps to remove unwanted edema accumulated in the body.
It is usually consumed as tea against urinary tract inflammation.

Where is Cubrika (Cibreska) sold? It is possible to find bar in herbal and various internet stores. Usually these lentil herbs are harvested and offered for sale from the Thrace region.
In Thrace and Kırklareli, it is very easy to find lentil grass in all seasons. It is sold in the district markets, peasant markets and butchers even freshly during the season.
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