Covid 19 Effects on Nature
Covid 19 We affected people deeply and very negatively. How was natural life and wildlife affected by this virus?
The effects for nature are a bit more complex. It is possible to talk about both positive and negative consequences.
The fact that people are traveling less due to their pandemia, the first change that is thought to have positive effects on climate and wildlife. So what else is there?
COVİD-19 What are the benefits to nature? The significant decrease of journeys by road or airline began to cause the animals in nature to be less injured and killed by humans.
For example, according to a study in Poland, hedgehog deaths fell to half after the Korona epidemic.
This provided a very positive effect on the rapidly falling hedgehog population.
Another study covering various countries showed that accidents that took place on highways and resulted in animal death decreased by 40 %after the epidemic.
Another positive news came from the sea and ocean life. The decrease in travel for commercial and touristic waterways had positive results under water. The decrease in waterway activity is thought to reduce the risk of ships by hitting marine animals and the risk of wounding or killing them.
It is possible to talk about a similar relationship between airways travels and birds.

Covid 19 Effects for Nature
There have been significant decreases in the demands of the sectors using natural resources. This found positive response in nature.
For example, low fishing demand and activity may have reduced uncontrolled hunting.
According to a new study, the COVİD-19 epidemic has also resulted in a slight increase in the population of endangered sea turtles.
The withdrawal of people to their homes caused wild animals to be seen in big city centers and unexpected places.
Experts think that this is due to decreases in human presence, decreases in air and water pollution and decrease in noise pollution.
Unfortunately, the negative impact of Covid 19 on nature was not only positive.
Nature was also negatively affected by this virus.
It is also a sad fact that the positive effects we have mentioned for nature will be completely reversed with the end of the outbreak.
Some studies show that invading species benefit from this situation. This can be a threat to other established species.
Of course, there are some negative consequences of suspending activities to protect wildlife.
Failure to apply the rules and not control of the fields may have increased illegal and uncontrolled leak hunting.
Or it may be possible to talk about a similar increase in unlicensed tree cutting activities.
Plastic pollution caused by the disposable COVID-19 protective equipment we use during the epidemic is also a major problem that threatens nature.
The species that need people to feed, that is, street animals, dogs, seagulls, pigeons… – stand out among the species that are directly affected by the epidemic.
Not to ignore them, put some food and water in front of our door; Isn’t it a small but meaningful action that we can do for nature and animals in this process?
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