Goat’s milk soap is a very special soap that has numerous positive effects on the skin if it is made correctly and naturally.
Softens, purifies and illuminates the skin. It relieves the skin exposed to the sun intensely. It helps to get rid of tone differences in the skin.
Suitable for use in acne -inclined skin. It slows down the formation of blackheads and provides great support to get rid of black spots, especially in the nose area.
Goat milk soap is also preferred to often skin color and whiten the skin. So does goat milk soap really have a opening effect on the skin tone?
Milk is a special food substance for a healthy and vibrant skin for centuries ago. Making a milk bath that is seen as one of the beauty secrets of the queens of the past tense.
Today, although we do not have the opportunity to make a milk bath regularly, quality goat milk soap grows to our rescue to benefit from the healing effect of milk on the skin.
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Lactic acid in the goat’s milk reduces the brown pigments called melanin in the skin and allows the skin color to be opened slowly.
Goat milk soap supports the lighting of the skin with its ideal acid content and rich mineral content.
It is rich in valuable vitamins such as vitamins A, B2, C, D and E.
It contains intense vitamin C prevents skin dryness and supports Collagen production.

How many days does goat milk soap affect? In order to notice the whitening effect of goat milk soap, soap must be used regularly for at least 3 weeks.
At the end of 3 weeks, half -ton opening on the skin will be visible.
It is recommended to use soap twice a week for the whitening effect to continue.
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How to use goat milk soap for skin whitening? A quality soap prepared with goat milk is suitable for hand, face and body.
It can be preferred to clean the skin and clean the makeup.
For the highest yield, the soap must be slightly rubbed and applied to the skin. The comments of those who use goat milk soap are often very positive. Intense and real effect is observed in a short time.
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