Patchouli oil; Patchouli is a volatile oil known as Pachulya, Silhat or Tefarik.
What are the features of patchouli oil? How’s the smell? What is it like? This aromatherapy oil; It has woody, spicy, grounded and fresh notes. He’s the same family as mint. It is a shrub like mint. It also carries mint notes in it.
Oil has a very permanent aroma. Especially Indonesia grows in exotic Asian countries with plenty of rainfall, such as Philippines.
Is the patchouli oil applied to the face? It is one of the appropriate oils for both incense and for skin care. However, it is important to watch with a base oil when used in face and skin care. Dripping 2-3 drops of patchouli into a daily care cream is also a good method to add oil to your skin care routine.
It is possible to see patchouli oil used in cosmetics and especially in the perfume sector in shampoos and creams. Pachuli incense with pleasant smell of incense or diffuser, let’s take a look at the benefits of the patchoul:
Increases attention and concentration.
It has aphrodisiac effect.
It clarifies the mind.
It is a soothing and calming oil.
It is free from stress and depressive mood.
It mitigates stress -induced headache.
Rose oil, jasmine flower oil, orange oil or lemon oil are compatible with the patchouli oil that you will use in the incense. The intense smell of the patchoul is balanced when combined with these flavors and a dream -like smell emerges!
We mentioned that we can use patchouli oil in the skin. What effects have this oil on the skin?

What does Paçuli Editive Oil do? It has a healing effect on the skin.
Oily and especially acne -inclined skin is soothing.
Skin complaints such as eczema can also be mitigating.
Burning track healing on the skin and the use of dandruff in hair is common.
It also helps to grow hair faster and more healthy in regular use in hair care.
It has antibacterial properties.
The main reason why patchouli oil is so popular in the world is that oil has a very intense effect that removes pests, flies and bees.

Paculi oil fertility silhat oil is a volatile oil that finds a place in various rituals. It is just one of these rituals to drip patchouli oil up to 1-2 drops of chance on the chance coins to bring abundance and money to the household people. You can subscribe to our bulletin to be informed about our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our instagram page.
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