How many calories should be burned to lose 1 kilo? The question is an important question that tampered with every person who aims to lose weight.
As a basic rule, it is necessary to create an an average of 7000 calories energy deficit to lose 1 kg of fat from the body.
So what is meant by the energy deficit?
What is the calorie deficit? Calorie deficit; Simply refers to the fact that the calorie taken with food and beverages is less than the calorie burned by the body.
There is 7,700 calories per kilogram, so if it is desired to catch weight loss up to one kilogram per week, the general calorie intake should be reduced to a rate of 770 calories and 1,100 calories.
It may be difficult at the beginning to reduce your daily calorie intake up to 1,100 calories.
In the first place, the calculation can be calculated by reducing it by half and can be increased over time.
In this case, the target is taken as 500 g of weight loss per week. According to this account, the total calorie that needs to be reduced weekly can be considered as 500 calories when the daily 3500 calories and daily reduction stretches.
How many calories 1 kg? How many kcal 1 kilo? It contains 7,700 calories per kilogram.
How many calories should be burned to lose 1 kilo?
Can I lose 1 kilo in 1 day? It is possible to give 1 kg or more with shock diets within 1 day. The overall ravioli of such diets is to ensure the rapid discharge of edema accumulated in the body.
Generally, the recovery of the weight that is given so fast is as fast as it is.
How many calories should be burned to lose 1 kilo?
How many kilos to lose in 1 week? It is reasonable and logical to lose 2 or 3 pounds in 1 week.
With a healthy diet and exercise, 2-3 pounds of loss is not challenging weekly.
Staying away from processed and packaged foods and providing portion control are two main issues that bring weight loss.
80 %of weight loss is from nutritional form; 20 %is caused by exercise habits.
Eating habits and exercises for fat burning should be protected in a certain balance.
How many calories should be burned to lose 1 kilo? How many calories per day should be burned to lose weight? False when losing weight can over -restrict nutrition and excess exercise may have a opposite effect than desired in some cases and can hit a flax to weight loss. For this reason, the provision of “equilibrium iyor is of great importance beyond what is expected.
Perhaps the most common mistake is among those who want to lose weight by making excessive restrictions on nutrition and maintaining a bad nutrition by quitting completely after continuing the restrictions for a certain period of time.
Following intense exercises, insufficient nutrient consumption is another unhealthy and one of the habits of high probability of hitting weight loss.

Is it dangerous to lose weight fast? Rapid weight loss seems to be an attractive idea, but in a short time, loss of weight usually causes loss of muscle or water, not fat loss.
Unfortunately, the probability of gaining weight is unfortunately increasing when returning to normal eating patterns after such short -term weight loss.
Ideal weight loss should not be achieved by muscle or water loss. It should be provided by fat loss.
Fat loss is a process that requires slow and patience, contrary to muscle or water loss, and requires long -term sustainable life habits to succeed.
Rapid weight loss can also cause your metabolism to slow down.
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