Wooden spoon cleaning should be repeated regularly for hygienic and long -lasting spoon.
Wooden spoons are absorbed like a sponge. Therefore, they are not suitable for cleaning with intense chemicals. It is also not a good idea to throw these spoons into the dishwasher.
The detergent that we use in the dishwasher will never rinse enough from the board material. This uninterrupted detergent will be included in our meals through spoons.
How to clean wooden spoon? The spoons should be rinsely rinsed with hot water and soap after daily use and drying without waiting.
Detergents that are not intensely instead of soap may also be preferred.
The spoon rinsed with the help of a cloth should not be removed directly to the drawer. This can trigger the reproduction of harmful bacteria.
This method can be applied daily. However, it is not enough to fully clean the spoons.
Simple but effective method for a depth cleaning can be applied in vinegar water.
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Wooden spoon cleaning spoons are taken into a deep pot. Boiling water is added on the spoons and added with 3 tablespoons of vinegar.
The spoons are boiled for 15-20 minutes in a mixture of vinegar. And at the end of the period, it is rinsed with vinegar without vinegar and dried.

Wooden spoon cleaning can be added to 1 teaspoon of carbonate in vinegar carbonate mixture.

What is done to prevent wooden spoons from darkening? It is a very good idea to lubricate before starting to use spoon to make the wooden spoon be darkened long without darkening. It can also be repeated after starting to use lubrication.
In addition, washing the darkened spoons from time to time with oxygenated water will help to open their colors.

How to use a new wooden spoon? How to grease a wooden spoon? Lubricating wooden spoons are not laborious. The ideal oil for this process is olive oil.
Olive oil is applied gradually to the entire wooden spoon with the help of a cotton.
After the application, it is rested for 24 hours without the use of a spoon or without washing.
The lubrication process helps to make the spoons last much longer and not to darken.

Is it washed on the machine on the machine? Boxwood spoon, polished or polished wooden spoon is not recommended to be washed in the machine in any way. Intensive chemicals or spoons with bleach should not be contacted.
Unlike metal or glass material products, wood material products are not suitable for cleaning with such cleaning material.
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