How to Dried Persimmon?
Persimmon Drying Many Processing Steps Are Followed.
How to Dry a Kaki: Who Kaki is best for Drying? For drying the Persimmon, Unripe, Half-Ripe Fruits Are Preferred. Fully Ripe Dates Tend to Spoil During Drying, Attract Flies and Spoil Easily.
Semi-raw kakis that are not enough to be e eaten are ideal for drying.
How to Dried Persimmon?
Is PEELED WHEN it Dries? Yes, The Skin of Persimmon Must Beeled off Before Drying. IF the skin is not peled off, it will give the dried fruit an un uNPLEASANT.
IF You Want The Dried Japanese Persimmone to Have a Sweet Taste Like Honey, The Skins Must Be Carefully Pealad and Separated from the Fruit.

How to Dry the Persimmon: Will the Persimmon Stems Be Plucted? No, The Asian Persimmons Shood Be Drieded With Removing the Stems.
The reason for this is the fruits will be tied to ropes from these stems.
Kaki must be tied to ropes and dried with the ground. For this Reason, The Stems of the Fruit Should Should Never Be Torn Off.
How to Dried Persimmon? What Should be Done to Previn Fly Who Drying The Kaki? Flies are your archenemy when you prepare dry persimmon. Fortunately, there is an easy way to get rid of flies.
Persimmons Should be soaked in Salted Water for Half A Minute Bephore Starting to Dry. Salt Will Protect the Fruits.

How Long Does The Persimmon Dried? The Drying Time of Kaki May Differ Depending on the Temperature and Humidity Level of the Drying Environment.
Fruits Can Be Ready in 20-25 Days. IF the temple is very low, if the wind is low, this period may take 3-4 months.
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