Water fasting is a radical fasting by taking only water to the body in short periods of 1-3-5-7 days or for longer 15-30-40 days. Solid or fluid is not consumed for the whole time.
This fasting is absolutely, but after the approval of the doctor is an application that should continue with the instructions of a doctor during the process.
Water fast is definitely not a suitable application for everyone. The duration of the fast varies according to the person.
What is Water Fasting?
People keep water fast for a short time in the first place to avoid difficulty. When the body is accustomed to this process, fasting can be fasted for a longer period.
Some experts emphasize that this period should vary between 24 hours and 3 days and that fasting with more than 3 days may be inconvenient.
Water fast is never applied to lose weight. The aim of this application is to support healing and to provide autophagic and toxic disposal.
It is ensured that the body does not deal with digestion while trying to solve the existing problems.
The body is engaged in repairing itself during the fasting time.
Generally, people with a certain disease begin with the advice of a doctor to improve the course of this disease.
Water Fasting List In this fasting, the list of those who will be eaten and drunk is short: water.
A food other than water is not taken into the body during the fasting time.
At this point, the application differs from low carbohydrate diets, ketogenic diets, intermittent fasting.
Who can’t fast? People over the middle age,
Those with low weight problems,
Those with eating disorder,
Those with migraine complaints,
Those with heart problems,
Pregnant and breastfeeding women,
Those with ongoing blood transplantation,
Those who use regular medication,
and water fasting is not suitable for people with Type 1 Diabetic patients.
Those who are outside this group must also start fast after consulting their doctor and obtaining approval.

Those who fast water … If you are going to fast for the first time, it is important to avoid possible side effects to keep the time short.
It may be a good idea to start fasting with 1 day. The time can be extended later.
Fasting can be physically and mentally tiring.
Therefore, it is important to take some measures:
Before starting fasting, it is good to eat with foods that will give you energy.
It is recommended that you choose a time zone where you do not do too much physical and zhinic work to fast. A holiday to start will be ideal.
In this process, heavy exercises should be avoided.
If you are sick or feel tired, do not start fasting.
Before starting fast, it will make it easier for you to prepare yourself mentally. Think about the idea of ​​fasting and reduce your portions in the pre -fasting period.
Make sure you get enough water to the body during fasting. However, do not force yourself over this issue. Trying to drink much more water than you normally drink may bother you.

Is it done sports while fasting?
Can you drink coffee? Is tea drink? Is the medicine drink? In this process, mild exercises can be done (such as walking). However, heavy and high -paced exercises must be avoided.
In addition, it should not spend time under the sun for a long time.
People who need to use regular medication are not recommended to keep this fast.
Fish oil and vitamin D supplements such as oil is already dissolved with oil is not recommended to be taken in this process.
In general, food supplements are not used during fasting for the intake of external food.
During the process, whether or not to drink tea and coffee is up to people.
Tea and coffee will not spoil the fasting as long as it is without sugar and milk.

What are the side effects of water fast? Let us emphasize once again that this fast should not be suitable for everyone and should not be applied without a doctor’s approval!
During the process, various complaints are common. Some of these complaints are considered normal at mild levels.
Dizziness, nausea, weakness, low energy, and disintegration are common complaints.
These complaints can be considered normal at low levels. However, if it is intensified, fasting should be suspended and must be eaten.
If fasting negatively affects your mental activities and if there are complaints such as confusion (blur), medical aid should be obtained.
Apart from this, acne problems may occur on the skin due to the disposal of toxic substances from the body. This problem will be spontaneously in a short time.
An increase in odor sensitivity throughout the process is another common condition.

What should be nutrition after water fast? At the end of the period without taking any nutrients to the body, it is very important to how to start feeding.
After fasting, heavy foods, fatty foods, very sugary foods and drinks to consume; Too much food will bother you and will force your body.
Blood sugar and insulin values, which are low during fasting, can rise more than such a fasting, and are objectionable.
It can be wise to provide a slow transition with vegetable juices instead of passing directly to solid foods at the end of fasting.
Spinach, celery, cucumber, tomato juice will be ideal for this transition process. A small amount of fruit can be added to vegetables.
The replacement of the lost salt will also be very important in this process.
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