Homemade Hand Disinfectant Recipe
Recently, we all have the same problem, everyone wants to protect themselves and their loved ones from all of us. What we need to do about this, we learn by following the experts.
Now we all know that one of the most important conditions of protection from the corona virus is to wash our hands frequently and correctly and protect the social distance! I’m all trying not to go out and stay in our homes unless we need it. But when it is necessary to go out, we need to take our precautions. Mask and gloves are of course our biggest helpers. In addition, when we go out of cologne and hand disinfectants, we must have with us!
Previously, we have shared with you the recipe for cologne, we have mentioned how you can prepare your own cologne in the easiest way at home.
https://egepazarindan.com/evde-colonia-nasil-yapilir-kolay- kolonia-tarifi/ Let’s have to take a look at how we can easily prepare hand-dezenfektan at home today!
How to make homemade hand disinfectan recipes from natural disinfecting what we need to pay attention to? The hand disinfectant we will prepare should be suitable for the use of children. For this, volatile oils that children can use should be preferred. You can also apply your recipe without essential oil.

Essential oils suitable for the use of children over 2 years of age lavender oil
tea tree oil
marjoram oil
lemon oil
orange oil
grapefruit oil
You can use only one or more of these oils in your hand disinfectant. 15 drops of essential oil will be enough for your recipe for hand disinfectant.
The formula we will prepare should contain at least 60 %alcohol, which is the minimum ratio that determines the hand disinfectants to be effective against the corona virus.
Alcohol drys skin quickly and seriously. To reduce this dryness, we must add glycerin or aloe vera to our disinfectant formula.
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Preparation of homemade hand disinfectant recipe is easy to apply this recipe for natural disinfectant, only 3 materials are used. Our basic material and the sine qua non of this recipe is alcohol.

Homemade hand disinfectant materials 3 tablespoons 99 %pure alcohol
2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel or glycerin
15 drops of essential oil (s)
Mix alcohol and volatile oil (s) in a container. Then add the aloe vera gel or glycerin and mix 3 materials completely and mix as homogenized.
Finally, transfer the hand disinfectant into your spray bottle, which you have previously disinfected with alcohol. Remember to stick a label on the bottle. Keep it in a place where children cannot reach.

Why should we make our own disinfectant instead of using ready -made disinfectants? Because most disinfectants contain chemicals that risk our health. Triklosan and Benzalkonium chloride are the leading of these substances. In addition, dangerous artificial odors are frequently used in ready -made hand disinfectants.
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