Licorice root sherbet is a delicious and healthy drink that will cool you down especially in summer.
For this recipe you can easily prepare at home, you can choose the licorice fiber or the licorice of woody structure.
However, fiber roots are used in a more practical and rapid recipe.
[Button Link = “” Color = “Orange” Newwindow = “Yes”] It is a plant that comes to the fore with its long -term toughness. It is also among the natural plants used in cases such as mild resentment, sputum, cough, colds. Homemade natural syrup recipes are a must for plants.
It also has diuretic and stomach relaxing properties. nler/ How to make Licorice Sherbet? This recipe is very practical and less material. There is no need to use additional sugar due to the self -sugary taste of the licorice plant.
50 gr Licorice root fiber (up to a handful of full)
1.5 liters of drinking water
2 cinnamon cinnamon
5-6 carnations
1 root ginger
1 root turmeric
Preparation of Licorice Root Sherbet
The licorice root is wrapped in a finely woven fabric or cloth and put into a large jug. The reason for hugging the fabric is that it is very difficult for the fibers to be filtered due to their thin structure and it comes to the mouth while drinking.
Carnation, cinnamon, ginger and zerdar are added to the licorice roots. Sherbet sweetener root plants can be reduced or increased.
[Button Link = “ The sherbet is removed to the refrigerator to rest for 3 hours.
At the end of the time, the materials are filtered. If your sherbet is too dark, the consistency can be opened by adding half a liter of water.
If the mixture is desired to serve foam, the mixture can be served by rinse after a bottle.
It is recommended to serve cold with plenty of ice. It should be consumed up to 1 cup on a daily basis and should not be overwhelmed!
Enjoy your meal.

Who can’t use licorice root? Pregnant and breastfeeding women; Chronic patients, people who use regular drugs and the use of blood pressure patients with kidney are not recommended.

How much should the licorice root be used? Licorice root is most commonly consumed as sherbet or licorice tea. Consumption of more than 1 cup on a daily basis is definitely not recommended.

What are the damage damage? Uninterrupted and excessive consumption of licorice root can cause serious side effects. The most common complaint is joint pain and joint inflammation, blood pressure imbalances.
Consumption of the licorice root, which may also cause loss of potassium in the body, is often recommended to consume potassium -rich foods. Banana, raisins, citrus fruits are rich in potassium.
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