Turmeric black pepper tincture is a valuable tincture with high anti -inflammatory effects that you can easily prepare at home.
Turmeric tincture is a spice with a very dominant taste, smell and color. You may not always want to consume this spice at any time. However, if you have put your mind to benefit from the healing of this very special root plant, this recipe for tincture is for you!

Are turmeric and black pepper together more effective? Turmeric and black pepper just like two complementary friends. When the black pepper is accompanied by turmeric, the component in the turmeric can be absorbed many times in our body. This means that the compounds in the black pepper make the healing qualities to the highest level by making furcumini biologically more usable!
What should be the ratio of turmeric and pepper in the tincture? When using black pepper and turmeric as dust in food, we often prefer11 at 20. In tincture, we can give a little more weight to the black pepper. The ratio of 1 in 10 will be ideal for turmeric and black pepper tincture.
However, of course, this ratio is not a rule, the rates may change according to your wishes.
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What is the tincture of turmeric tincture? What are the benefits? Turmeric has superior anti -inflammatory properties. Arthritis, joint muscle pain, Alzheimer’s disease has various studies surrounding anti-inflammatory benefits.
Turmeric can also help regulate some homeostatic events such as blood sugar and cholesterol.

Is turmeric powder used instead of fresh turmeric root for tincture? If you cannot reach fresh turmeric as of the season, of course you can prepare your tincture with dust turmeric. This will not be a problem.
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