Ararot dust (arrowroot) and tapioka starch (Tapioca flour) are similar to two different products described as the same.
In which ways is the alternative to these two gluten -free flour separated from each other? How to use it in recipes? The answers to all questions are in this article! Arrowroot powder and tapyoka are thought to be the same by most people. From time to time, the two flour is obtained from two plants.
Ararot starch; Marana is obtained from Arundinacea plant; Tapyoka is provided from the root of maniques.
Both products are completely gluten -free. For this reason, they are very popular consistency between those who have gluten sensitivity and those who remove gluten from their lives.
Both Ararot and Tapyoka sauces are used to darken and darken and are included in the preparation of gluten -free “pastry works”.
What is Arrowroot Powder and what does it do? Ararot powder; It is great to darken food such as sauces, fruit desserts, cakes and bakery products.
As it darkens, it gives food to foods. It is ideal for desserts.
However, the bright surface of the ararot in recipes such as meat sauces is not a desired effect.
Two important advantages of arrowroot powder compared to other darkenings: It is fully suitable for the preparation of foods planned to be used and freeze together with acidic fluids.
Most gluten -free darkening is not suitable for use with acidic foods of this dust. And moreover, they may lose their form and deteriorate when exposed to low temperatures by entering the freezer.
Arrowroot does not have its own unique, prominent and dominant taste. Therefore, all kinds of tariffs easily adapt and easily gain consistency.
What are the disadvantages of Ararot Powder? However, if the recipe contains milk and milk -based products, the product you want to use is definitely not the Ararot powder!
Ararot becomes slimy quickly in its contact with milk!
Another important point to consider when using this dust is that you should not expose it to very high temperatures for a very long time.
For this reason, dust is usually added at the end of cooking in the recipes prepared in the pot.

What is Tapyoka Flour and what are the usage areas? Tapyoka flour, also called Tapyoka starch, just like Ararot powder; It is used to darken sauces, baked products, bakery products.
It can enter the freezer like Ararot. Unlike it, it can be used without losing its form with milk and dairy products.
As a negative feature, tapioka flour loses darkening properties when mixed with acidic components. It is not suitable for use with such foods.
Like Ararot, tapiokan has no unique taste and smell, and most of the tariffs can easily adapt to taste.
And perhaps one of the most important differences between these two products is that Tapyoka flour does not lose its form at long and high temperatures, unlike the ararot. You can subscribe to our newsletter to be informed about our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our Instagram page.
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