Sulfur mushrooms are an easy -to -distinguished mushroom grown in tree stems. It is eye -catching with its layer structure and yellow, orange color.
The taste of the sulfur mushrooms, which is among the edible species, resembles the chicken. For this reason, the chicken of chicken (Chicken of the Woods) is also known as forest chicken or in short chicken mushrooms. In addition to the chicken, the lemon keeps a flavor in the flavor.
Latin name: Laetiporus sulphureus
These mushrooms, which can be grown as a very large mass in one piece, are seen in a wide range of geographies of the world.
It is quite easy to distinguish the ideal species that are considered ideal for people who are new to mushroom collecting.
In fact, there are subtypes of chicken mushrooms that are not a single species. All of these species – except one – are bright yellow and orange colored.
Where does sulfur mushroom grow? The species usually grows on cones and hard shelled trees. The most common trees are oak, beech, land, walnuts, chestnuts, cherries, eucalyptus, porsuk.

Is sulfur mushroom eaten? How to cook? We now know that this mushroom is edible. So how to cook?
Fresh mushrooms are the best. The mushroom hardens and loses its flavor as it gets age.
When the harvested mushroom is sliced, a clear liquid should leak.
Since it is harvested naturally, the species does not need to be washed.
It is enough to wipe with only a clean cloth. It is good to cook your soil on mushrooms.
However, if you have too much mushrooms, you can store it in the refrigerator for up to 1 week. You can use pouch paper for storage. If you are going to lift it to the freezer, don’t forget to make a preliminary sauté!
You can cook sulfur mushrooms in a wide range of ways. You can fry, roast or bake them.
In any recipe you can use sulfur mushrooms instead of chicken or tofu. In addition, blind, rice recipes, risottos, casserole and egg recipes are ideal for these fungi.
One of the most important points you need to pay attention to when cooking such mushrooms is the amount of either. With its fleshy structure, this species attracts more oil than you guessed. This oil can bother you and disrupt your food.
Make sure you don’t overdo it for the amount of fat!
Another point is that fungi should be cooked well. Mushrooms are cooked thoroughly. Low cooked mushrooms, raw remaining can cause serious stomach disorders!
Is Maitake Sulfur mushroom the same? Forest Chicken Mushroom (Laetiporus sulphureus) is often mixed with Maiteke (grifola Frondosa) mushrooms.
This is only due to a name similarity. Both species are sometimes called forest mushrooms. Apart from this name similarity, the two species have nothing to do with nothing.
Only both are delicious, edible species.

Is it difficult to find forest chicken mushrooms? This fungus is among the common and non -rare species. Collection can be done during the summer.

What are the benefits of sulfur mushrooms? The nutritional value of such fungi; It contains potassium, vitamin C, high fiber, vitamin A. It is thought that they have anti -fungal (mushroom preventive) and antibiotic properties.
It is supported by studies that chicken mushrooms, which are considered as a source of precious antioxidants, clean free radicals very efficiently. The source of this strong antioxidant is the α-glukandan component in the mushroom.

Sulfur mushroom nutritional values ​​for 100 g mushrooms:
360 calories,
6 g carbohydrate,
6 gr fiber,
21 g protein,
It contains 2 gr oil.
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