Mübel or Muhabbal; It is a delicious or delicious appetizer prepared with embers eggplant, plenty of garlic, plenty of lemon juice and tahini.
It is great on small sofas, sandwiches, as a bottom sauce or as accompanied by meat dishes!
The appetizer, which is widely made in Antakya cuisine in our country, is unique to Arab and Palestinian cuisine.
Most often confused with Babagannuş is different in many ways than Babagannuş. First of all, Babagannuş is more like a salad than a appetizer. And moreover, tomatoes, peppers, walnuts and abundant olive oil are added to the recipe.
Contains less material. It contains only eggplant as vegetables. It is accompanied by lemon, garlic and tahini.
How to Make Muhabbal? Materials
1 kg large topan eggplant
Half a cup of tahini
4 cloves of garlic
3 tablespoons of fresh squeezed lemon juice
1 teaspoon salt
Some olive oil
Drill the eggplants with a knife so that they do not explode the eggplants before roasting.
Roast on the grill, on the stove or until the eggplants are completely softened. Peel the eggplants roasted at the end and filter the excess water.
When the eggplants are completely cooled and leave the juice, bring them together with other ingredients.
Put the eggplants, tahini, lemon juice, garlic, salt and olive oil into the kitchen processor.
And run the robot until the ingredients are completely smooth. Don’t forget to rest the machine from time to time. You can also mix the ingredients on request.
Finally, when all the ingredients are mixed, you can serve your appetizer in a flat plate. You can decorate it with fresh dill, fresh mint or parsley. In addition, pomegranate seeds or slightly roasted pine nuts will be very good. And of course a little olive oil!
Enjoy your meal.

Mutubbel Recipe Tips One of the most important points of the recipe is the thoroughly roasted of the eggplants to be used. It adds flavor to the flavor of the appetizer especially.
Turn the eggplant frequently during roasting and make sure that each side is cooked evenly. And after peeling roasted eggplants, strain the excess water.
For a creamy texture, use the kitchen processor to combine embers and other ingredients. If you want a more grained consistency, crush the fork and mix the ingredients.
For recipes, long thin eggplants are better not rounded lumps eggplants are better.
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