Mojito recipe without alcohol
Mojito is an alcoholic cuba cocktail prepared with ROM in the original. In Cuba, where the tropical climate prevailed, we prepared this pleasant cocktail recipe that cools the Cubans and prepared without alcohol. We shared the recipe with you in this article!
Non -alcoholic Mojito Recipe: Inner cooling cocktails, which are very difficult to adapt in a very difficult way, our recipe is quite easy, in a way that everyone can prepare at home. But it is a fact that he will have a little hand!
Plain mineral water
Fresh mint
Fresh Reyhan (Optional)
Powdered Sugar (Optional)
Plenty of ice
Strawberry (Optional)
Small changes in the recipe said that the original recipe was prepared with ROM and that it was an alcoholic beverage.
In addition, the original Mojito recipe is not white, but the brown sugar is used. Reyhan is not used and green, small lime is preferred instead of lemon.
We have created an alternative version of the recipe with more accessible materials. Frankly, I must say that there are no gigantic flavor differences.
We added the Reyhan as an extra pleasant aroma. If you can find it in the season, we recommend it.
Those who do not prefer to use sugar can apply this recipe without any sugar. It is very nice, a fresh flavor is obtained.

Now let’s come to the construction stages and quantities!
Of course, there is plenty of ice! It should be noted that the ice will not be used as it comes out of the freezer. What is needed for this recipe is “Crushed Ice”
So what is this crushed Ice? Crushed Ice means broken ice, prepared by making completely frozen ice broken and smaller parts.
By breaking the ice, a snow -like tissue is obtained. There are special industrial type machines produced for this job.
But our simple home -type kitchen robots will do our job!

Let’s start by breaking plenty of ice -free Mojito recipe. Let’s not forget to rest our machine from time to time during breaking so that the engine does not burn!
Let’s keep the ice we broke in the freezer.
At that time, on the other side, let’s squeeze up to 4/1 lemon of a lemon into a glass. Let’s throw the shells of the lemon we squeeze into the glass.
Let’s add 3-4 mint and 3-4 reyhan leaves on it. Let’s beat the lemons and leaves with the help of a tattoo.
Optionally, 1 teaspoon of sugar or a strawberry can be added on the leaves. Let’s crush all the ingredients with sugar and strawberries a little more.
After all the ingredients are crushed and released their aromas, let’s add our ice -cold soda to pass half of the glass. Finally, let’s put a lot of ice from the ice we broke. With a few small touch and mint leaves, let’s decorate our glass and serve cold cold without waiting too long.
This is that simple to prepare a non -alcoholic mojito cocktail at home! Enjoy your meal!
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