Dragon Fruit; It is a kind of fruit that loves a hot and tropical climate from the Pitaya or Dragon Fruit Cactusgiller family.
What is the dragon fruit? This fruit makes a name for itself with its taste and positive effects on health.
Essentially in tropical climate zones, the fruit of the house, which grows widely in Central America, grows easily in some regions of our country.

Where does Ejder Fruit grow in Turkey? As we said in the head, the hot weather of the pita is a fruit tree that loves the tropical climate briefly. The agricultural production of this tree is possible on the Aegean and Mediterranean coast of our country.
Antalya and Muğla are the most common provinces of the dragon fruit growth. In addition, pita cultivation is made in special greenhouses in İzmir.

What are the benefits of dragon fruit? It is a digestive system and intestinal friendly fruit. It promotes the reproduction of healthy bacteria in the intestines.
It strengthens immunity with high vitamin C and carotenoid content.
It has an enhanging effect on vitamin absorption in our body.
It is a unique source of magnesium.
The fiber content is quite high.

Dragon fruit against cancer is among the ejder fruit cancer fighter nutrients. As a result of the studies, it has been shown that the Dragon fruit may have a protective effect especially against colon cancer.

How is the taste of the dragon fruit? This fruit can be of two different colors. Some dragon fruits are pink and some are white.
This color change directly affects the taste of the fruit. White Pitalayas have a more neutral taste than pink ones. White ones are low in sugar. Refreshing. It has a taste that resembles pear or kiwi.
Dragon fruits with pink or red are much sweeter. They have a refreshing taste.
In both color dragon fruits, just like Kiwi, there are tiny nuclei seeds, ie seeds of the fruit.

Where is the dragon fruit sold? Dragon fruit price varies according to the season. It is usually priced in menstruation, not by weight. It is sold in large markets and in the markets in the Mediterranean and Aegean provinces in the summer months.

How to grow dragon fruit? It is possible to enlarge the fruit from seed or seedlings. Dragon fruit seeds are the seeds in the fruit.
The most important issue in Pitaya cultivation is to provide ideal climatic conditions.
How to Eat Dragon Fruit? The outer shell of the fruit is not suitable for consumption. Only the interior can be eaten. After the fruit is divided into two, it can be consumed with the help of a spoon. After peeling the outer shell with a knife, eating is another method by taking it. Ejder fruit smoothie can be consumed with pleasure by preparing. You can subscribe to our bulletin to be informed about our informative articles, current product and price lists and campaigns and follow our Instagram page.
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