Golden strawberry consumption during pregnancy is quite wise considering the vitamins and minerals it contains. Not only in the process of pregnancy, but the golden strawberry is always a super food with countless health benefits!
Latin name: Physalis Peruviana
This golden -colored tomato, also known as Bektashi grapes, grows as a small tomato, wild and agricultural.
Suitable for consumption in fresh or saved state. And it can be eaten by preparing as jam or pudding.
It contains numerous antioxidants.
It is a unique source of vitamin E, vitamin K and vitamin A.
It is rich in components that serve as antiinflammatory.
Compared to other fruits, the sugar content is quite low.
What are the benefits of golden strawberry during pregnancy? Golden strawberry is a unique fruit for pregnancy, especially the reason for the high vitamin A and betacarotene.
Experts advise pregnant women to increase vitamin A by 40 %compared to normal.
Beta carotene is an antioxidant that protects against chronic diseases and turns into vitamin A in the body. And moreover, it positively affects the baby’s skin, bones, eyes and cell growth.
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To avoid possible side effects, consult your doctor before consuming gold strawberries during pregnancy.

How to Eat Golden Strawberry? Fresh consumption of the fruit for the highest rate of yield is recommended. Some strawberries are sweet, while others have a more piquant taste. This fruit also changes according to the ripening.
The golden strawberry is not a fruit that continues to ripen after harvesting – such as avocado or tomatoes. For this reason, exactly mature, golden strawberries should be preferred when buying.
You can consume the taste of sour strawberries with salt to balance. To do this, divide the fruits from the middle to half and salt gently. There are also those who consume with red pepper.
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It can be consumed together with other fruits in fruit salads.
It can be prepared as jam or added to smoothies.
It can be used as sauce for meat or chicken dishes after mashing.

Golden strawberry damage, like every natural plant, gold strawberries have possible side effects in some cases.
First of all, it is important not to overdo it in the consumption of fruits.
Another important point is the necessity of avoiding consumption of raw strawberries that are not fully mature. It is known that the strawberries that are not yet fully matured can be poisonous.
In our country, high blood pressure and brain hemorrhage due to excessive amounts of gold strawberry consumption were recorded in a case of weight loss in our country.
A very high dose of golden strawberries – especially the leaf parts – cause toxicity in the intestine. It can lead to vomiting, headache and death in rare cases.

Where does Golden Strawberry grow in Turkey? In the hot regions of our country, cultivation is done on the coastline. Edible wild gold strawberries are not seen in our country. A few wild species are found in nature, but they are absolutely not edible species and are poisonous.
Especially in the Aegean and Mediterranean coastline, widespread agricultural cultivation is made.
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