Hegdan grass is a more wild and agricultural plant, also known as houd or galdiric grass. This edible plant is also known as a healing plant.
Flower, leaf and seed parts of btibism are used. The oil of these parts is removed.
Hegdan grass is also known as: Falmed, Galdirik, Hodan, Ispıt, Creek Beet.
Flower parts are consumed fresh in salads. Flower and leaf parts are prepared together just like spinach meal and consumed.
In particular, the oil obtained by squeezing seeds is used in skin care and even skin treatments.
https://egepazarindan.com/coban-cokerten-oto The plant is not rare. It grows spontaneously in almost every region in our country. It is also grown as agricultural.
It is very likely to come across the blue and purple colored flowers of the hegdan grass on the side of the road, on the edges of the field. The plant is harvested in autumn as of the end of summer.

What are the benefits of hegdan grass? Supports cardiovascular health.
Balances cholesterol.
It supports bone health with the abundant calcium it contains.
Balances blood pressure.
It is expectorant.
It is diuretic.
The houd, which is also used in cases of colds, softens the throat.
Reduces cough.

How to use the hump? The most common methods to use the plant by making food and tea. When preparing the hegdan tea, the plant is usually used in dried flower and blind leaf parts.
In order to prepare tea, 1 pinch of a tea cup – 1 tablespoon dry plant is placed. Hot water is added on it. 4 – 5 minutes is enough for brewing tea.
At the end of the time, the tea is filtered and consumed up to 1 cup as warm.
The food can be prepared like spinach food. Or the plant can be roasted by finely chopped and the egg can be broken. Ispıt, which is not a harmful consumption of raw, is added to salads.
Unusual recipes lovers can prepare pastries, people with hegdan. It is also a plant that suits the pastries.

How to remove the lifted grass? Almost all parts of the plant can be consumed and it is easy to extract. And since it is frequently harvested from nature, it does not carry the risk of agricultural drugs.
If there is a hump, the root parts are extracted with a knife. If any, coarse sludge is removed. It is washed well and dried and made ready for use. The flower parts of the plant can also be extracted according to the purpose to be used. Extract flowers can be brewed as tea.
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