Wild strawberry; Kocayemiş, drums, wild strawberries, Maggele, Anderhana, also known as the tree of strawberry is a kind of fruit that grows spontaneously.
The Latin name of this species is called Fragaria Vesca.
These crimson, soft strawberries grow in bushy lands, mountains and countryside.
When will the mountain strawly happen? It is gathered in autumn and winter. Especially during November and December, it is abundant in nature.
The benefits are numerous, aside from the flavor, it is often consumed for healing because of these benefits fresh or after drying.
Dried big fruits are often used by mixing honey. It is preferred by the local people as a natural support for complaints such as sore throat, cough and throat infection.
It is a low sugar ratio.
Traditional recipes with wild strawberries can also be prepared for jam and syrup.

Why would mountain strawberry jam be painful? Kocayemiş jam is prepared with plenty of sugar from fresh fruits. If enough sugar is not added, the jam becomes painful. The ratio of the fruit is very low. Seed parts can also give the jam bitter.

What are the benefits of a big eaten? Strong antioxidant and anti -inflammatory properties.
It is thought to be good for rheumatism.
Cancer fighter is one of the colored fruits.
It is effective in getting rid of oral wounds.

What are the benefits of mountain strawberry leaves? Not only the sweet fruit parts of this plant, but also the green leaf parts are consumed by brewing because of their various benefits.
The leaves are similar to the bay leaves, wide and dark green.
The leaves are used especially for their effects on rheumatism, sugar and blood pressure and because they are thought to cleanse the liver.
The leaves can be used fresh or after drying.

Where does the mountain straw grow? It is a fruit that can adapt to a wide range of climatic types. Both in the Mediterranean, Aegean provinces; It is also common in the Black Sea region.
Kocayemiş climate request is not dominant, but also grows easily in dry lands.

How does Kocayemiş grow? As we said before, a big eaten is a species that grows from nature in nature. This plant, which is also loved by bees, can be grown as agricultural.
Wild strawberries can be reproduced by seed growing, steeling or branch rooting method.

Does mountain strawberries poison? Mountain strawberry is not a poisonous species. It can be consumed raw as it is collected from nature.
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