Rambutan is a delicious tropical fruit with an extraordinary appearance. The homeland of this fruit is Indonesia and Malaysia. In recent years, production has started in our country. Especially in the south of our country, it is grown with high yield in hot regions. Domestic production is possible to find rambutan fruit and rambutan seeds.
This red color, a sea chestnut, reminiscent of different fruit; It is a complete vitamin C store. It also has copper content. Immune supporting.
What is the taste of Rambuta? The taste of this fruit resembles grapes. Sweet sour, slightly a piquant flavor is a soft tissue, delicious.

How to Eat Rambutan? The outer shell of this fruit, which is the Latin name Cryptography, is peeled. It has a irice core in it, which is not consumed. Only transparent, soft interior of the fruit is suitable for consumption.
It is also known that this fruit is eaten after heating.

What are the benefits of eating rambutan? It is a fruit with many positive effects on health, even for its flavor.
The most important core of this soft prickly fruit is antidiabetic. According to clinical studies, phenolic extracts in Rambutan have a reduction in a short period of time.
It is one of the antiseptic and antibacterial fruits. It is also protective against diseases with the intense vitamin C it contains.
Remedy for constipation.

Rambutan consumption during pregnancy is one of the fruits that are not inconvenient in pregnancy. On the contrary, consumption is recommended during pregnancy. The reason for this is that the high amount of iron contains and mothers have an effect on increasing the amount of hemoglobin.
How to plan Rambutan Seed? How to germinate? Rambutan fruit is sold at a high price as it is raised in a small amount in our country. If you want to consume this fruit at an affordable price, you can also harvest yourself.
Rambutan seed can be easily supplied over the internet. It is necessary to create a warm environment in all the growing stages of this fruit. It is almost impossible to get yield from this fruit under difficult weather conditions such as wind, cold weather, excessive rain, snow and frost.

What are the side effects of rambuta? This fruit has no serious known side effects. It can disturb the stomach and intestines in excessive consumption, causing transmission. The consumption of the fruit core is not recommended.
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