What is Sambucus Nigra?
Elder, Elderberry, or Karamürver, with its most commonly known name, is a very strong plant that prevented inflammation.
What is Sambucus? What is Elderberry? What does Elderberry do? It is a wild species.
Essentially, the flower parts of this plant are also suitable for consumption. Usually flowers are brewed and consumed as biki tea.
However, the amount of antioxidants contained in Sambucus flowers is very low compared to black fruits. Not only the antioxidant value, but also in all other benefits, the result of this comparison is the same.
For this reason, in the pharmaceutical and food supplement industry, the fruits of the Karamürver plant, not the flowers and stalk parts of the plant, are used.

What are the benefits of Sambucus? What is Sambucus Nigra used for? This fruit is often preferred for colds and auxiliary effect on getting rid of the cold.
It also mitigates the negative effects of bronchitis and sinusitis. Of course, it is not necessary to expect to be sick for the consumption of Karamürver. Sambucusnigra strengthens your immune system and protects you against diseases.

What does Sambucus Nigra do? Heart friendly.
It has diuretic effect.
Sambucus Nigra is a vitamin C and potassium store.
It helps to lose weight.

Who can’t use a black elderberry? Consumption of Karamürver is not recommended without consulting the doctor of young children and pregnant and nursing women.
How to use Sambucus Nigra? Another important point is this fruit. It should not be consumed raw like other fruits.
Sambucus Nigra plant is not a raw fruit suitable for consumption.
Therefore, before consumption, contact with heat is required.
Sambucus Nigra powder or dried fruits can be prepared as herbal tea, jam or most common homemade elderly syrup.
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Where to grow in Turkey? If you exclude the extremely hot regions of our country, we can say that elderberry can grow in every region.
It is most commonly seen in our Black Sea provinces.
However, in Marmara and the Aegean, Sambucus cultivation or gathering is frequently done.

Where is the black elderberry fruit sold? You can safely obtain the fruit of elderberry fruits gathered in the season and survived in the shade and prepared from these fruits from our website.
Our products are not agricultural training. It collects from nature, is completely natural and unadulterated.
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