Colostrum or colostrum milk; It is the first food secreted after special birth to humans and other mammals.
As a result of technology and scientific research, food supplement forms of this special food, which we cannot find on the market shelves yet, are gradually developed.
What is Kolostrum? Kolostrum is the first food provided by all mammals for newborn babies.
It is produced by the mother for the first few days after birth.
It is a translucent, syrup -like substance.
It is a natural source of rich vitamins and minerals, antibodies, immunoglobulin, enzymes and other important components designed to protect newborn babies.
This naturally protective food against infections improves the immune system of infants and provides useful bacteria to the digestive system.
However, the need for colostrum can extend beyond infancy.
Nowadays, for children and adults, the Colostrum welding is typically provided as a cattle colostrum in additional form.
Cattle colostrum contains almost the same critical components found in human colostrum.
Cattle colostrum is preferred in reinforcement form if the most common way to support the immune system and help to increase the use of fat.

What are the benefits of colostrum milk? Helps to avoid infections and develop and support the immune system.
Helps develop a healthy microbiome.
Studies have also shown that colostrum showed activity to prevent influenza. nerler/
Colostrum users are generally preferred to recover the deteriorated microbioma balance.
Microbioma; Unhealthy diet, insufficient sleep, stress and various diseases can be easily disrupted.
As a result of the deteriorated balance, the intestinal lining may be endangered.
Leaking intestines can cause a wide variety of gastrointestinal and other health problems, including diabetes, multiple sclerosis and lupus, as well as Alzheimer’s disease.
It can also cause weak absorption of basic nutrients. This, of course, will bring various health problems.
As a result, colostrum is the first food of nature. However, it can also be used in additional periods of life to support the function of the immune system.
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