Active carbon is a very wide material area. It is also used to whiten to teeth, for the purpose of first aid, to filter water. Let’s examine the multi -purpose multi -purpose, miracle active carbon coal more closely!
What is active carbon? This special material, known as active carbon or activated coal, consists of granules in powder state. It is obtained by controlled and powdered natural materials such as wood, bamboo or coconut shell.
Activarbonate Buy [/Button] How to use active carbon? You can easily intervene with active carbon in flies, insects, bee bite. Carbon relaxes the area, itching and pain. After mixing the active carbon with some water, it is sufficient to apply it to the area. Gas, bloating and diarrhea is a solution. If you are going to use the active carbon for this purpose, make sure you are using edible active carbon! You can easily and naturally bleach the teeth with active carbon. Teeth whitening is one of the most common purpose of activated charcoal. The activated charcoal is connected to the staining components of the teeth, thus providing whiteness in the teeth. Turmeric has tooth whitening effect and can be used together to whiten active carbonk coal and turmeric teeth. A wonderful armpit fragrance relievers with activated coal. After mixing with water, coal applied under the armpit prevents the formation of sweat and acts as a natural deodorant. It is also used to get rid of activated carbon body odors as well as fragrance relieving in the room and car environment. It can also be used for activated charcoal, skin care and skin cleansing. In particular, it is very successful in adjusting the oil balance of oily and acne -prone skin. Activated carbon application is made by mixing a small amount of water on the skin. Activated carbon, which is fed to the entire face, is kept on the skin for 10 minutes and then rinsed with warm water. Buy active carbon
Active Carbon Filter Active Carbon is frequently used to filter water. However, it is not possible to use activated charcoal directly to filter water. Active Carbon water filters specially produced for this work should be preferred.
Activated coal is also an ideal material for gardening. It is especially preferred in potted flowers and terrarium plants that we do not want to keep too much water.

ATTENTION! The specialist physician should be consulted before the carbon is taken by mouth. Uncontrolled use of active carbon may occur in unwanted serious conditions such as diarrhea, constipation and vomiting.
In addition, activated charcoal should not be used with other drugs and vitamins. Carbon can bind to the vitamin and drugs used to cause them to be ineffective.
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