Adaptogen; It is a concept used to describe healing foods that relieve relaxing, reducing fatigue and stress levels.
What is adaptogen? What is the best adaptogen? Support can be obtained from these natural plants to balance the sudden changing mood and to naturally reduce the negative effects of stress and stress.
Adaptogenic foods can also support to get rid of the physical pain and sleep problems caused by stress.
It is not necessary to consume adaptogenic foods like a drug. It is enough to include these special foods into our daily diet routines.
How do adaptojens work? These plants support our body by strengthening cortisol production and the general adrenal system that controls other hormonal reactions against stress.
In this way, it allows your body to regulate more consistently and more effectively by your body’s reaction to stress factors.
Which natural nutrients are adapogenic?

Adapogenic foods are the most powerful adaptogenic foods are usually rare.

Indian basil (Tulsi) is an Ayurvedic plant of Indian origin. It can be found in our country rarely.
Infection is anti -infection.
It is also used externally. The skin has a soothing effect.
Thanks to the phytochemical compounds it contains, anxiety and fatigue are soothing.
It is also used for cough, resentment, colds.

Geven grass root Astragalus Geven root makes it easier to respond to stress more effectively and managed.
This root is also seriously healthy antioxidant provider.
It helps to heal body circulation.
Gives energy to the body. nedir-geven-bitkisi-faydalari- nesir/ adapogen plants
Ashwagandha root actively works as an obstacle to Indian ginseng.
Ashwagandha root helps to cope with stress, fatigue and depression.
It also provides a certain level of effect on joint and muscle pain.
The golden root works like a vaccine, exposing the golden root body to a low level of stress. With this method, it is provided to cope easily when exposed to a higher rate of stress. This is called hormsis.
It is known that it is especially preferred in stress -related sleep problems.
Adaptogen plants in nature are of course not limited to these. However, these plants are one of the most powerful adaptogenic foods known. You can subscribe to our bulletin to be informed about our informative articles, current product and price lists and campaigns and follow our Instagram page.
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