Ayahuasca tea is a herbal -based, shamanic and sacred beverage with psychoactive effects.
It is also referred to as Ayahuska hanging or soul vine.
Ayahuasca tea in Turkey? Is it forbidden in Turkey? It has serious side effects on high -dose intake to permanent psychotic effects, coma and even to death. For this reason, small death is also referred to as names such as dark door or swallowing. It is not a tea sold in our country. The main component of tea, DMT, is prohibited from keeping, using and selling the drugs called DMT in the country.
This drink has an important place in various shamanic rituals. More precisely, the consumption of this tea is designed as a ritual.
Ayahuasca tea is prepared from two plants specific to the Amazon forests in Peru. Hundreds of people who want to experience this plant visit countries such as Peru, Brazil and Costa Rica every year.

What is Ayahuasca? What does it do? Psychotria viridis and banisteriopsis caapi called hallucinogenic effects are prepared by brewing.
Plants that come together directly affect the central nervous system.
For the first time, the Amazon tribes began to be prepared and used in religious ceremonies.

Ayahuasca ritual & Ayahuasca experience is used by certain populations for religious and spiritual purposes.
Another mass from day to day prefers this tea to open the mind, to purify past traumas or to experience only Ayahuasca experience.

What is the journey of Ayahuasca? Ayahuasca experience is a physical and mental tiring journey that usually lasts hours. It is common for a shaman to lead this experience.
Generally, before this experience, people leave the consumption of cigarettes, alcohol, drugs and animal food. It is thought that moving away from these habits before experience will increase the toxic beat from the body.

Ayahuasca ceremony, these shamanic ceremonies are usually organized at night.
Ayahuasca Stream prepared by a shaman is presented to the participants as 1 or 2 doses in these ceremonies.
The effect of tea, which has the effect shortly after consuming, lasts between 2 and 6 hours. This period varies according to the dose taken and the person’s body.

What are the effects and side effects of Ayahuasca tea? The reaction of each person to this experience may be different. While some people have a feeling of enthusiasm and enlightenment, others experience a fear and anxiety experience. Even these feelings can sometimes be together. Side effects of tea such as vomiting, diarrhea, strong hallucinations, intense fear and paranoia are common.
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