Forest therapy being outside, being intertwined with nature, breathing fresh air and listening to birds; Going for a walk in nature, new discoveries in nature… One of the actions that man needs. Shooting towards the natural world is actually in every human being.
The increase in the time we spent in closed areas with the corona virus epidemic has further exacerbate the desire to be outside.
Forest therapy, which has started to gain widespread worldwide, provides satisfaction of these impulses; On the other hand, it focuses on increasing our general health, peace and prosperity.
What is forest therapy?
Shinrin-Yoku Forest Bath is based on a Japanese practice called Shinrin-Yoku. Shinrin-Yoku word means forest bath. Long, slow and very quiet walks made to relax in the forest are meant.
This practice emerged in the 1980s. Forest bathrooms have been discovered to reduce stress, increase attention, strengthen the immune system, and invisible improvements in the form of mood.
Forest therapy is performed with a guide. It can be considered as an open air healing application.
The aim of forest therapy is not to recognize or recognize the surrounding plants and animals. The guide person does not have the purpose of introducing nature.
The aim of this therapy; Slow down is to run all the senses at the highest level and to learn how to explore and experience the tastes of nature.
Throughout this therapy; They stay in the body and in the body. They feel the feeling of being alive. They strengthen their ties with the outside world.
The guide is the person who encourages and guides all this.
How does forest therapy work in the body? Stress; Cortisol has an increase in hormone levels. This rise; High blood pressure in the body, heart disease, headache is triggering.
Some experiments show that there is a significant decrease in the stress and cortisone levels of people walking in the forest compared to people walking in a closed area.
What is Phytonside? It is an antimicrobial substance secreted by trees. This substance has stress reducing and immune system strengthening effect. As long as it is in the forest, the positive effects of this substance are benefited from the highest order. What can we do? Forest therapies are also organized in our country. These organizations can be included in small groups. If you cannot be included in a forest therapy, you can also go down your stress level by spending only 120 minutes and only 2 hours in a forest area all week and you can support improvements in your overall mood.
In the forest, spending time focusing on nature; Mobilizing the senses and staying in the body at that moment can be considered as one of the greatest goodies that one can do to himself.
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