Frangipani oil is a fragrant oil associated with romantic emotions and love. Frangipani; represents birth, life and vitality.
What is Frangipani? It grows in exotic areas such as Frangipani, Hawaii and Bali Island, also known as Plumeria. It is enchanted with its appearance and especially its smell. It smells like a natural perfume.
It is a dwarf tree. But when you look well, it can grow up to 6 meters in length. It is a tropical and subtropical climate plant.
Fragipani grows naturally in Brazil and Mexico. It is possible to grow in the hot regions of our country. However, it is not widely produced. And the tree does not grow in nature by itself.
It is a tree that is quite close to the surface like the roots of the roots. Therefore, it grows easily even in large pots.
It does not need much water. And it is very resistant to thirst. So much so that he can live without any water for 2-3 months.
He even likes to buy direct sunlight.
However, it is not very resistant to temperatures below zero degrees. It is not resistant to frost. It loses its branches and flowers in extreme cold. Germination and production with plumeria seeds are possible. Steeling is also a useful method for production.
It is located in garden decorations as an ornamental plant.
What is Frangipani Turkish?
In our country, Indian jasmine flower, Hawai flower or sedition flower, is also known as a sedition tree and its seeds are sold. The American Fuli is also another name.
The American Fulut tree easily adapts to the Aegean and Mediterranean climate. It is effortless. It is resistant to hot weather and drought. The smell of Frangipani flower is similar to the smells of flowers such as jasmine and honeysuckle. It is clearly the smell is not heavy. But it is busy.
So much so that Frangipani is also common in perfume contents.
The flowers are white, yellow, pink or reddish. And there are also mixed ones. The colored ones are similar to the rainbow.
White Frangipani is the most valuable.
There are up to 7-8 sub-types. It is an ideal intensity essence with its soft aroma. Frangipani tree is referred to as a tree of life in the areas where it grows and is also considered a sacred tree.
It purifies the soul, mind and body. Especially with the therapeutic effects.

What are the benefits of Frangipani oil? Frangipani oil is also;
Skin moisturizes and supports collagen production.
It is anti -aging. It has especially wrinkle relieving properties.
It increases the elasticity of the skin thanks to the substance named Lignin it contains and stretches the skin.
Reduces tissue damage.
It helps to cope with the care of oily hair and dandruff problem.
It helps to control appetite.
It has antioxidant and anti -inflammatory properties.
It increases libido and is natural aphrodisiac.
Calms the mind.
It makes it easier and calms the transition to sleep.
It mitigates headaches with its smell.
Muscle relaxant and can be preferred as massage oil. It is especially effective in waist and back pain.

The use of Frangipani oil in the most commonly used oil is also
Dripped on the bed sheets and pillows,
Add to the bath water,
It is other methods to use skin moisturizing creams and even by 1-2 drops of lotions. A higher amount of addition should not be made.
Oil is not suitable for internal use. Because some Frangipani flowers are poisonous in internal use. So this oil is only suitable for external use.

What are the Frangipani oil damages? This oil; It has a component that may cause a drop. Therefore, pregnant women should not use this oil.
The oil must be diluted in a base oil for skin applications. Otherwise, it may cause irritation, itching and redness.

Which oils are Frangipani compatible? Plumeria oil; It is compatible with citrus oils such as lemon, orange, tangerine and even bergamot and ylang ylang oil. Suitable for mixing with other oils. The smell is balanced.
As a result, Frangipani gives you calmness with its pleasant smell and beautifies your skin. It is a great essential oil alternative. But this essential oil is still rare in our country. You can subscribe to our bulletin to be informed about our informative articles, current product and price lists and campaigns and follow our Instagram page.
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