Fuller soil or other name multani is often a magnesium silicate -based component.
It is most commonly removed in Pakistan and in the surrounding areas.
Industrial cleaning, drug and cosmetics with skin care – cosmetic industry is a variety of use in various industries.
It is widely used in skin care products in skin masks and ready -to -use clays. It is a raw material of products designed to combat acne -inclined skin types and wrinkles.
Fuller is used as a raw material that will directly affect the soil as well as a binding, an anti -church, or simply a stabilizer in cosmetic products.
It also has a gentle peeling effect of medium – low scale.
https://egepazarindan.com/kaolin-kili-Nedir-kaolin-kili-maskesi/ Fuller Soil Suitable for Oil Skin? This clay -like substance; Oily, it can be defined in accordance with the use of acne -prone skin.
By deeply cleansing the skin, it can help to re -open the clogged pores.
The soil with additional illuminating effect; It equals the skin tone and slightly color the skin. It can help to open dark -colored sunspots.

Which products are Fuller soil? The product range using this product, which is popular in skin care and cosmetic products, is quite wide:
Cosmetic products such as foundation, concealer, illuminator,
Facial soaps,
Facial creams,
Shower gels,
Shampoos, hair conditioners, dry shampoos and other products aimed at treatment of scalp,
Facial Cleaning Products,
Ready -to -use clays and facial masks may widely contain multani myth.

What are the Multani mitti damage and side effects? It is considered safe to apply to the skin for skin care. However, routine alone is not accepted as a product suitable for daily use. Application should be made together with other products and diluted.
Direct inhalation of this soil can cause throat irritation.
The direct contact with the eye causes eye irritation, burning, sinking and irrigation.

Fuller soil? Bentonite clay? These two substances, which have similar effects, are very virtuous in cleaning the skin in depth.
Bentonite clay is a more widely used natural material in hair.
It is also supported by research that it has a positive effect on rash, unlike full.

Where is Fuller soil sold? It is difficult to find the soil of Fuller in our country today. It is usually a product provided from abroad.
On the other hand, Bentonite clay, which has very similar effects with it, is quite widespread in our country and can be easily supplied. And can be used for similar purposes.
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