Garlic Confit or Garlic Confoline is a very tasty and very healthy recipe.
It is long -lasting and its construction is not very laborious.
What is Confit? The cooking and storage technique called Confit or Confit can be applied to a wide variety of foods except garlic.
Fruits, vegetables and meats are both flavored with the combination technique and are made ideal for long -term storage.
Fruit conflicts are used instead of fat water.
In oily foods, the product’s own oil is usually used.
How to Make Conformed? Confi can simply be considered as a can a cannon technique. The jam -made confidence that adds flavor to the fruits and provides them to be stored without intact is a very similar application.
It is important to consider high temperatures in the Confi application.
The materials should be cooked slowly at very low temperatures for a long time.
The oven is usually used for the application, but it is possible to confidence on the stove.
It is possible to prepare a combination with vegetables, fruits such as potatoes, onions, carrots, tomatoes, lemon, fruits such as garlic.
Let’s come to our delicious, natural antibiotic garlic confidence recipe!

Garlic Confoluting Recipe
Garlic Confit Materials
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