Methlene blue is a substance known for its cognitive and mitochondrial strengthening effects. It is already used in the treatment of a wide variety of diseases, from blood diseases, oral forgiveness.
What is methylene blue? Methylenemia, also known as methyltioninum chloride; Bioactive, painting.

What are the benefits of methylene blue? This article; It is thought that it can directly improve cellular and mitochondrial function and reduce the devastating effects of Alzheimer’s disease.
It is also seen as a developer preserving and protecting memory and nerve functions. It is also used as an alternative treatment worldwide in the treatment of phobia.

Is methylene blue effective against the corona virus? Methlene blue is also known to be an anti -microbial substance! Because of this and many features, there are experts who suggest that there may be effective treatment against the corona virus! Clinical studies on this issue are underway.

What are the Methlene blue usage areas? Methythioninum chloride has previously been used in malaria, AIDS, active treatment against Western Nile virus. The first purpose of this substance is to allow the malaria with the parasite that caused malaria, and success has been achieved, and its use against viruses is not a new situation.
There are many studies that prove that methylene blue is connected to the virus and neutralizes it.

How to use the methylenemia? Is methylene blue drink?
It is widely used by intravenous injection or orally.
ATTENTION! Certainly, with the approval of a specialist physician, a controlled purchase by the health personnel should be provided in the hospital!
Since intravenous injection has a faster effect, it is preferred by physicians more frequently.

Who can’t use it? It is not recommended to use during pregnancy.
There is not enough information indicating whether this substance has passed into breast milk. Therefore, breastfeeding mothers are not recommended.
Whoever he is, he should not start the use of methylene blue without the approval of the physician.
No information is a proposal. It was written only for promotion and information purpose. It is recommended that you consult your physician for all your questions and problems related to methylene blue.
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