Mindful Eating is translated into Turkish with concepts such as awareness, eating awareness, conscious nutrition. Semi -Turkish semi -English concept, such as Mindful Nutrition, can also appear as a concept.
Mindful Eating focuses on thinking about your eating habit and having control over it.
Research also supports the positive effects of eating awareness studies on weight loss, reducing excessive eating and being in a better mood.
What is Mindful Eating? The basics of the concept of awareness nutrition are based on the Buddhist future.
Mindfulness technique is generally a form of meditation that aims to focus on your emotions and physical situation.
It is a method used in the treatment of psychological complaints such as various eating disorders, depression and anxiety.
Mindful Eating can be summarized very shortly as focusing on this experience when performing eating behavior.

What does eating awareness work cover?
Mindful Eating Training
Slow, controlled and focusing
Following tips on physical hunger
To separate the difference between physical and emotional hunger
Just eating to feed physical hunger
The colors, smells, sounds, textures and tastes of food and eating experience are noticed
Studies to check the guilt of eating behavior
To have a good feeling and attitude about eaten foods
Eating Mindful Nutrition is often an action that we perform quickly, in a low awareness.
Our mind realizes that our body is saturated and needs more food as a delay of 20 minutes. When you eat too fast, you need to eat too much for a feeling of fullness.
This brings excessive eating, weight gain and obesity.
However, staying at the time of eating, slowing down, eating is an automatic action. It gives you full authority on your action.
Eating in awareness allows you to follow the signals. This ideally means the end of nutrition, ideal weight and emotional eating.

It is often useless to try to apply the lists of dinner and weight loss with awareness.
Scientific. Realization shows that more than 85 %of obesity patients who lose weight with a strict diet will return to their old weight in several years. And sometimes it even exceeds this weight.
Research supports that conscious eating habits help to change your eating behaviors, reduce stress levels and help weight loss without returning as a result.
With Mindful Eating, unwanted eating habits are left behind and long -term weight loss increases your chances of success.
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