Teanin has recently been popular as a substance that provides support for us to deal with stress and manage it.
This amino acid can be provided in the form of a food supplement to the body. However, it should not be forgotten that there are teanin in both black tea and green tea that we consume on a daily basis.
In addition, various types of mushrooms are considered as the source of precious teanin.
This amino acid is not synthesized in our body spontaneously, it can only be provided from the outside.
What are the benefits of Theanine? Teanin helps to reduce and focus on the stress in the body.
Better quality sleep, supported brain health and mood are again associated with this substance.
It is supported by various studies that neurotransmitters that affect the mood can positively affect the activity of the serotonin – including dopamine.
Does the tean make it easier to focus? It is thought that the ability to pay attention and focus may increase by taking L-Theanin and caffeine together.
In a study, it was revealed that people who receive 97 mg L-Theheanine and 40 mg caffeine can focus better when performing complex tasks compared to non-receiving.
In addition, this binary combination can reduce the feeling of fatigue.

Does L-Theanine improve sleep? Stress that cannot be managed in a healthy way is one of the most common causes of inadequate sleep.
It is thought that L-THhean can provide support in this regard.
In a new study, L-Theanine (450-900 mg) was given to individuals with general anxiety disorder.
At the end of the study, the participants who received L-THheanine reported higher sleep satisfaction than those who do not.

Which foods are found in L-Theanine? The most common natural source of teanin is tea plant. All situations of tea, including black tea, green tea and white tea, store this amino acid.
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