Kuzukulağı grass is a perennial plant that grows spontaneously during the season. In addition, breeding is done. It is effortless to catch up.
Other names: Also known as sour ear grass or sour.
Latin name: Rumex Acetosa
It has plenty of flavored, relatively sharp and sour.
Although the appearance reminds us of a little rocket or the spinach, the lamb ear is very different from them as flavor. The taste is slightly similar to the “Cress”.
There is also a type of lamb ear with red veins. The taste of this species is similar, but the appearance is slightly different from those of completely green.
https://egepazarindan.com/sevketi-bostan-ne-zaman-cikar-nasil-yapilir/ How to Eat the lamb? As a fresh greens, it is possible to use the raw lamb grass, which is frequently preferred, and to use it in meals.
It can be consumed by roasting with onions like a purslane grass or by making yogurt after roasting in a simple way.
There is evidence that this sour grass, which extends to Rome in kitchens, has often been used to capture the acid balance of meals in the past.
Lamb’s ear from Germany, France; It has a place in the world cuisine until America, Russia and Jamaica. It is a versatile plant used in Jamaica both in the production of herbal medicine and in the production of cocktails.

When will the lamb ears come out? Where does it grow? Lambulah harvest lasts from spring to early summer. In the spring, it takes its place in the stalls in the Aegean markets with other Aegean herbs.
The harvest ends with the flowering of the plant that starts to bloom in summer.
It is possible to see the lamb lap plant in a wide range of regions. The plant is not much selective about climate and soil. He likes especially moist areas. It is common on the bottom of the tree, on the edges of the field.

How to hide the lamb? It is recommended that you consume fresh freshly after purchasing or harvesting. The shelf life of the lamb, which is a very gentle plant, is quite short. Washing and storing the plant will shorten this time.

What are the benefits of lamb ear? In addition to its unusual taste, this herb stands out with its numerous health benefits:
High amounts of fiber contains vitamins A, C and B6, iron, magnesium, potassium and calcium.
Especially the leaf parts help digestion. For this purpose, dried leaves can be consumed by brewing after meals.
Liver friendly.
It is thought that it will help to get rid of infections in the throat and mouth area.

Does the lamb weaken the grass? There is no calorie of the plant. It is a full holder with its high fiber ratio. Although it has no effect on direct weight loss, this plant can support your weight loss.

What are the lamb ear damage? High consumption of grass can disturb the stomach with its acidic structure.
In addition, it is not recommended to consume this plant by kidney patients and rheumatic diseases. Excessive consumption contributes to the formation of kidney stones.

Does lamb ear raise blood pressure? Such an effect is not known unless the plant is consumed excessively. On the contrary, it is thought to have blood pressure -lowering effects.
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