black pepper; It is a wild type of lavender, also known as black grass, parent scent, and black grass. Ibn-i Sina also calls this herb with the name of head broom.

They are not grown by farmers, they grow spontaneously on mountainous slopes where even the exhaust fumes cannot reach. It is difficult to collect. By the beginning of summer, blackheads begin to mature and are ready for collection. Blackheads are harvested in season and dried in the shade to obtain dried blackheads.Buy Now!

Black pepper oil, black pepper seeds, black pepper flowers… all forms of the plant are very beneficial for human health.

Where Does Karabas Grass Grow?

The Latin name of this miracle herb, which grows in our Aegean and Mediterranean regions and is widely used by the local people, is Lavandula stoechas ssp. cariensis.

What are the Benefits of Black Bass Grass?
What Does Black Head Plant Do?
It is used in cough, bronchitis, cold, flu diseases, it is relaxing.
Blackhead is one of the calming herbs. It helps for a comfortable sleep. It calms the nerves and relieves headaches.
It is effective in intestinal and stomach problems, gas problems.
It helps in the smoking cessation process.
It is effective against urinary tract infections.
It is supported by scientific research that black pepper slows the progression of brain tumors and has a retarding and stopping effect. The substance called geraniol in the plant has a tumor-destroying effect.

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How is Karabash Tea Prepared?

For blackhead tea, put 3-4 blackhead flowers in a cup of hot water. It is recommended that the water used be chlorine-free drinking water. Wait about 5 minutes for the blackheads to give their color to the water and infuse. After 5 minutes, your tea will be ready. The recommended daily use is 1 cup.

How is Blackbash Herb Cured Prepared?

The cure is applied by consuming the tea we have shared above for 10 days every other day. At the end of 10 days, tea is interrupted for 7 days. After the break, tea is started to be consumed again for 10 days, every other day. At the end of 10 days, the cure ends.

It is recommended to consume the tea 2 hours after dinner.

You can also consume the black pepper plant by preparing black head juice and black head jam at home.

Are There Any Harms of Blackhead?
Like every plant, excessive use of black herb can have negative effects on health. Excessive consumption of this herb can adversely affect the functioning of liver and kidney functions.
Karabaş has a blood pressure lowering effect. It should not be used with blood pressure lowering drugs.
blackhead plant; It should not be used by pregnant and lactating women. The use of black pepper in pregnancy is not suitable.

If you have any disease or a medication that you use regularly, consult your doctor before starting the consumption of black pepper.

Where is Blackbash Grass Sold?

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