The easiest way to distinguish a quality centaury oil from others is to look at its color and consistency. Quality centaury oil is bright red in color and has a denser consistency than olive oil.

Stinky, light pink, yellow or green rather than red centaury oils indicate that the ratio of St. John’s Wort flower and olive oil cannot be adjusted correctly.

Ideal Color and Density

Another reason why St. John’s Wort oil is not in the right color and consistency is that dried flowers are preferred instead of fresh St. John’s Wort flowers. In order to obtain the highest level of efficiency from St. John’s Wort oil, it should be collected in the season of flowers, at noon when the sun is at the steepest angle, and combined with olive oil in a fresh form, without waiting for a long time, without drying.

Characteristics of High-Quality Centaury Oil

Another factor that can be looked at to understand the quality of St. John’s Wort oil is the smell of St. John’s Wort oil. A quality centaury oil has a sharp, very distinctive, pleasant odor.

St. John’s Wort flowers, which are kept under the sun for a sufficient period of time in olive oil, transfer a very sharp and very pleasant smell to the oil along with its red color and healing. This scent will even suppress the peculiar smell of olive oil.

Additional colorants, various cosmetic preservatives and essential oils should never be added in a quality centaury oil, in order not to spoil it. All these additives will damage the natural and natural structure of St. John’s Wort oil.

How Is Centaury Oil Made?

It should not be forgotten that there are only 2 substances that should be found in the ideal centaury oil. These are: cold-pressed quality olive oil and fresh St. John’s Wort flowers collected in the season.

Another situation that we should never encounter in high quality St. John’s Wort oil is the addition of water to the St. John’s Wort oil during or after the maceration process. The water will cause the olive oil to deteriorate and the oil will lose all its healing. Such products are fraudulent products that should be avoided.

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