Andız Molasses is a healing, intensely consistency molasses prepared with the fruits of the Andız tree from the cypresses.
The taste is pity, intense flavored.
Andız trees are especially common around the Taurus Mountains. Andız molasses is frequently prepared in the Mediterranean region by traditional procedure.
It is frequently preferred to strengthen immunity, cope with those who are sick and reduce anemia with rich minerals and vitamins.
Andız molasses is a type of molasses that stand out especially in terms of calcium and vitamin E.
Is it given to babies? When is it given? Natural and real and we are sure that it does not contain additional sugar and preservatives.
Babies that are larger than 6 months old can be given a small amount of Andız molasses by taking the approval of the doctor before.
Molasses should be given to infants in a small amount. Milk or yogurt should not be fed with molasses.
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How much should be used? The ideal amount for adults is up to 1 teaspoon. This amount should not be more than 1 tablespoon on a daily basis.
Molasses can be used simply or can be consumed by drinking after dissolving in warm water. For children and babies, this amount is much less.
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Is it good for the stomach? Andiz supports stomach and intestinal health. It is a common support product that is frequently used in complaints such as stomach combustion.

What are the benefits to the child? It is supporting bone health for children. It supports the healthy development of children of growth age.
It is thought to have a blood -forming effect.
In addition, children can be protective against possible disease risk.
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How to make molasses? Molasses with traditional procedure is quite laborious. Adding additional sugar is never done to large boilers and molasses which are slowly prepared in wood fire.

What are the damages of Andız Molasses? The most important point that should be considered when consuming this molasses and other natural molasses is not to overdo it.
Excessive molasses consumption can lead to weight gain. Moreover, this sugar can cause a large amount of sugar, albeit naturally.
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