Gobekli tepe was Located in  south-eastern Anatolia,today in modern Turkey’s city Şanlıurfa  this place presents more than 20 monumental round-oval and rectangular megalithic structures was erected by hunter-gatherers!  The monuments were probably used in connection with social events and rituals and feature distinctive limestone T-shaped pillars.today you can visit this place in 2 hours by plane from European side and you can be sure that u will not belive your eyes.This places also under protect of UNESCO and UNESCO announced in  2019 was the Gobekli Tepe year.

For the maps and descriptions u can check it from the below.

The Map of Gobekli Tepe:


How old Gobekli Tepe is?

Gobeklitepe known as  around in the Pre-Pottery Neolithic age between 9,600 and 8,200 BCE so we can consider that this place is 12,000 years old, so Gobekli Tepe is the world’s oldest temple. ‘’What is the oldest site on Earth?’’ the answer is Gobekli Tepe.


‘’What is the oldest site on Earth?’’

Gobeklitepe is today older than Stonehenge or Egypt’s great pyramids, built in the pre-pottery Neolithic period before writing or the wheel.at and we could consider the Göbekli Tepe is world’s first temple as well.

What is the significance of Gobeklitepe?

As l mentioned before the arkeolojical results shows us Göbekli Tepe is almost 12,000 years old!

Gobekli Tepe caused to rewriten  history books because before discover of Göbekli Tepe,archaeologist and historians thought that  hunter-gatherers had no ability,effort  and sources to build these kind of structures. With these information we could say that people were not  settled down  for agriculture and farming reasons, people  could start to settle and build a community for religious reasons.


Why was Gobekli Tepe buried?

After  the excavation process were started by German archaeologist Klaus Schmidt he and his team understood one fact just after saw the founded limestones from this places because almost all of them were perfectly saved and covered from rain or other weather conditions  ,so they must be buried by purposely before thousands years ago.

We don’t know why is especially they buried this places but experts and people have some prediction

1st Another religion before 12.000 years ago could be dominated this one so people were forced to bury this places to hide from others.

2nd That kind of  bury process could be a part of their ceremony because more than 20 similar places were founded just like Göbeklitepe but haven’t been  unearthed yet.


Where was the world’s first beer produced?

In the light of studies in Gobekli tepe researchers has found  burned,malted wheat  remains in a cruse.

İs world first beer could be produced Göbekli Tepe?

World’s first beer produced could be here because the floor of these places are waterproof so liquids could be a part of their ceremonies. So the answer is Gobekli Tepe.