Can Babies Be Given Linden Tea?

linden tea; It is a natural herbal tea that is frequently consumed by adults, especially in winter and spring, to protect against flu epidemics, to relax, to have a good sleep, to heal when they are sick, to soften the throat.

Well, can this very useful tea be given to babies as well? At what month can linden tea be given to babies? What are the benefits of linden tea for babies? Does it cause allergies to babies? Are there any harm? Let’s take a look at the answers to these questions!

Is Linden Tea Given to Babies?

Yes, it can be given to babies after the approval of the baby’s doctor. Since babies may have an allergic body, the doctor should be asked before using linden tea, as with every plant.

Linden Tea

At What Month Can Linden Tea Be Given to Babies?

Linden tea can be given in small amounts from the 6th month, if there is no harm in the baby’s drinking linden, if the doctor sees it.

How Much Linden is Given to Babies?

It should not be exaggerated when giving linden to babies. For babies, it can be given 1 or 2 times a day, up to half a coffee cup.

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How to Prepare Linden Tea for Babies?

When preparing tea for babies, it is necessary not to boil the lindens. Add a pinch of linden into the hot water and remove the lindens after about 5 minutes. Flowers and leaves should not be kept in water for long. Linden tea to be given to babies should be clear.

Linden tea should be drunk warm. It should be prepared daily and fed to the baby freshly. Tea shakes and packaged linden teas are not recommended for babies. Natural local lindens, which are collected in the season, dried in the shade and stored under suitable conditions, should be preferred.

Adding black pepper or honey to tea should never be done for babies younger than 1 year old. Linden should be preferred plain.

What are the Benefits of Linden Tea for Babies?
Linden cough has a soothing effect.
In babies experiencing constipation, it provides anti-constipation effects.
It has expectorant and relaxing effects.
In babies with gas problems, it activates the digestive system and cures the gas problem.
Linden, which has a calming effect, relaxes babies who are experiencing restlessness.
It helps babies with sleep problems to fall asleep more easily.