Istanbul Street food

İf you are looking for famous foods in istanbul,as a İstanbul people here’s some advice for you!

Best Street Foods in İstanbul

Street foods are really verious in İstanbul if you are looking for really delicious tastes here is the most popular street foods in istanbul.

Steamed Burger(İslak Hamburger)

What is islak Hamburger or what is steamed hamburger?

For most people in istanbul Steamed Burger is a indispansable taste because inside of the steamed burger there is a secret souce and steamed burger bread also as a street food this is a cheap and delicious food and also it’s kind of brother of beer and other beverages.

Where can l eat steamed(ıslak hamburger) in İstanbul?

What is the best place for Steamed Burger(Islak Hambuger)?

This street food steamed(ıslak hamburger) orginally invented in Taksim by the famous fast food chain restaurant Kizil Kayalar 30 years ago and even today nobody knows the recipe the secret souce.

There are 2 restaurants could make good taste of steamed burger the other one is Bambi restaurant Bambi restaurant is in Taksim also.Cross of the Kizil Kayalar.

Except of these 2 restaurants l don’t think you can eat a really steamed burger in İstanbul.

if you ask where is the Kizil Kayalar?

You can find the Kizil Kayalar begin of the Taksim Square and  Kadıkoy

How can l go to Taksim?

Mussels Street food in İstanbul

İstanbul mussels street food: you can find mussels or mussels seller stands  at the all street corners in İstanbul.

There are 2 kind of mussels you can eat 1st stuffed mussels you can eat it on the street just like Taksim,Kadikoy or Besiktas.

Stuffed mussels: are stuffed with rice,onion,black pepper,allspice,pinenuts,sauteed and cinnamon cook with steam. İts a really hard process because you have to fill the mussels with one by one but if u eat you will see how you can eat 10 mussels in a minute.

Fried mussels:The mussels fried in a huge pan and served with garlic tangy(tarator)souce for dipping.

The fried mussels serves with inside sticks if you want u can order in the Turkish bread or sanwich bread.


this kind of mostly sells in the fish restaurans for example:Mercan kokoreç,Sampion Kokoreç and around Ortakoy and Kumkapi these are most famous Mussel or fish restaurans chain in İstanbul.

Most  İstanbul cititizent generally prefer to eat  stuffed mussels  with alcohol or after alcohol consumption because mussels are one of the best snack with beer or other beverages.

Baked Potato(Kumpir)

Baked potato is one of the most prefered street food in İstanbul because its cheap its delicious and satisfying food.

A huge baked potato basically baking in  a bakery and and filling with grated chees and mixing with a fork after this proces you can choos limitless mostly Turkish appetizer for example kisir,corn,turkish butter,pickle,sousages,carrot,Turkish olive and more! Chees and butter generally standart for your potato.

Where can l eat Baked potato in İstanbul?

Every year milions of people visiting Ortakoy (Besiktas) to consume Kumpir beacause there are dozents of Kumpir seller and they all of them in a competition.

What is the price of the Baked potato or Kumpir?

35 Turkish liras(3$) in Ortakoy and mostly all seller’s prices are same.You don’t have to ask the prices as well.

Simit,Acma and Catal

Simit is basically circular bread with sesame,without sugar you can find almost everywhere in İstanbul.

Mostly you can find simit by red certificated peddlers,in morning time u have more chace to find freshest simits.

And simit is cheapest street food in Turkey(0.5cent)today.


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