Acacia dust or acacia fiber; Soluble is a very rich dust in terms of fiber. It is preferred due to various health benefits.
This powder; It is obtained from the essence of the Acacia Senegal tree, which grows in some parts of Africa, Pakistan and India.
This dust is also known as Arab Gum, Acacia Gum, Acacia Gum, Acacia Fiber, Gum Arabic and Arabic Gam.
How to use acacia powder? This powder is usually consumed as a beverage by adding to water.
The fact that this fiber is preferred instead of other fibers is the small grain and the taste of the taste is to be disturbing. The taste of acacia powder is quite light. On the other hand, additional aroma donors can be added to powder products.
In the dust, as in simple way, in vegetables and fruit juices; It can also be used in smoothies.
What are the benefits of acacia dust? Acacia fiber;
helps to reduce cholesterol levels,
keeping blood sugar under control, protecting against diabetes
and irritable intestinal syndrome (IBS), such as digestive disorders are thought to support the treatment.
In addition, acacia powder;
that he suppressed appetite,
it reduces intestinal inflammation,
that he alleviated constipation,
And it is said to support weight loss efforts.
Akasya fiber is also accepted as a prebiotic and highlighted the development of useful bacteria in the intestines.

What are acacia dust damages? Acacia can bring various complaints when the gum intake does not gradually progress.
Gas, bloating, constipation and cramps are gradual and high -dose -related complaints.
The side effects reported in the studies have been reported especially in the first weeks. Nausea, mild diarrhea and abdominal bloating in the early hours of the morning are common.
Apart from these complaints, it is not known that long -term use of high doses of acacia fiber is not safe because of lack of research.
If you intend to use acacia dust, be sure to consult your healthcare professionals before.

Those who use acacia gum is generally sold in this gum in powder form. Gum (resin) can also be obtained without a mixture. However, it is also possible to buy this herbal based product in tablet, capsule or gum form.
Acacia can also be used for breakfast crisp, cereal -based bars and bakery products for various purposes. At the beginning of these purposes, it is mixed with non -mixed substances. In other words, this gum also serves as an emulsifier.
In summary, acacia powder is remarkable by being a rich food in soluble fiber.
However, more data is needed about its effects and possible side effects.
Receiving sufficiently soluble fiber in our daily diet can improve our health and provide protection against heart disease and diabetes.
Oatmeal, hazelnut, apple, barley, beans, blueberries and flax seeds, carob, glucomannan and cauliflower seeds are also remarkable natural foods with a remarkable fiber. You can subscribe to our bulletin to be aware of our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our instagram page.
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