Japanese Madımağı is a kind of ivy, rich in resveratrol, one of the most powerful antioxidants known.
The plant, also referred to as itadori, polygonum cuspidatum or Japanese polygonum, is also sold in capsule forms.
The roots of the Japanese Madımağı plant with the highest antioxidant value are roots. However, the body and leaf parts of the plant are also suitable for consumption.
The short -lived flowers of the plant are also very valuable, it has a special place in Japanese traditional medicine.
Japanese Madımağı is a plant that has found its place in the Far East cuisine. It has a sour taste in fresh state, served with meat dishes.
In our country, especially in the Central Anatolia region, there is a commonly grown Madımak plant.
What are the benefits of Japanese Madımağı? Helps digestion. It provides support in getting rid of constipation, bloating, stomach disorders. Constipation is relieving.
Supports cardiovascular health.
Reduces insulin resistance.
Anti -inflammatory and anti -carcinogenic properties.
Supports the immune system. According to research, it is effective against diseases such as swine flu.
It has the use of skin diseases, especially for the treatment of skin fungus.
Scientific studies and researches on the effects of Alzheimer’s, dementia and stroke are continuing.

What is Resveratrol? What are the benefits of resveratrol? The reason why the Japanese material and the black grapes and seeds are so important and important is the antioxidant substance called Resveratrol.
Resveratrol has a bad cholesterol LDL reduction effect.
Slowing aging.
Cancer fighter.

What are the foods containing resveratrol? He said that the Japanese material was rich in resveratrol. However, there are also reserverol resources that we can reach much more easily.
The most important fruit known with the amount of high resveratrol it contains is of course black grapes. The black grape seed is particularly part of the fruit with the highest resveratrol value.
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