Gofio is a widely used food in Spanish -speaking countries. It is usually consumed in North Africa, Canary Islands, Caribbean and Central America. Gofio is a kind of flour or powder made of ground seeds or cereals. Corn, wheat, barley or rye, as well as cereals, as well as legumes and other plants can be used. Gofio is considered a food source due to its high protein and carbohydrate content. It is usually consumed by mixing with milk, honey, cheese or desserts and used in some areas for soups and bread making. https://egepazarindan.com/memebrillo-tarifi-ayva-ezmesi-nasil-yapilir/ How to make Gofio? What’s in it?

The construction may vary depending on the type of grain or legume used, but the following steps are followed in general:

Ingredients: Cereal or legumes (corn, wheat, barley, rye, etc.)
Preparation: Grains or legumes are slightly roasted on low heat in the oven or pan. This increases the aroma and flavor of cereals or legumes and allows them to gain a light brown color.
Roasted cereals or legumes are ground. Traditionally, hand mills are used, but today electric grinders are more common.
Grinded cereals or legumes are mixed with water and knead until the dough reaches the consistency.
The dough is filled into wooden molds and shaped. The size and shape of the molds may vary according to the region where it is traditionally used. Small round molds or shapes such as rectangular blocks are used.
The dough in the molds is dried in the sun or in the oven.
It is usually consumed by mixing with other foods. Milk, honey, cheese or desserts can be consumed by mixing, as well as soups or bread making. What is Gofio Escaldado? Escaldado means boiled in Spanish, and this meal is made of Gofio dough mixed with hot liquids such as boiling water or chicken broth. To make gofo escaldado, first of all, the gofio dough is prepared. It is made by kneading. Then, chicken broth or hot water is boiled and mixed with Gofio dough. In some recipes, materials such as onions, garlic, red pepper, tomatoes and meat are added. All ingredients are boiled and mixed until the consistency is darker. and meat dishes can be offered with vegetables or cheese. You can follow our Instagram page.
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