Those who say why my tomato seedlings are not growing is coming for you!
Spring is ideal for seedling tomatoes. It is very common for the growth to stop in tomato seedlings for various reasons.
The cause of this problem is most often too much or too little irrigation; It is very high and very low heat exposure and nutrient deficiency.
[Button Link = “ Solutions are the ideal irrigation, the ideal temperature of 21 to 30 degrees and fertilizer for sufficient nutrients.
Let’s take a closer look at why the bride seedlings do not grow and how these problems can be solved:
Why don’t my tomato seedlings grow? Very high and very low temperatures
We mentioned that the ideal temperature for tomato seedlings is between 21 and 30 degrees.
When these temperatures rise above 37 degrees or fall below 5 degrees, the danger bells are ringing for seedlings.
Seedlings will probably slow growth.
It is known by most people who harvest their corn that high temperatures will be a problem for seedlings that are about to develop.
However, the fact that a temperature below 5 degrees will adversely affect seedlings is surprising for most people, but it is real.
Too much or too little irrigation
Seedlings like water, but they do not like to sit in water.
Therefore, the soil should only be watered when it is fully dry.
Especially in a very sandy soil of your seedlings, it is necessary to ensure that excess water is not collected in the roots.
For tomato seedlings, irrigation from the top, not from the bottom, is the most ideal. Why don’t my tomato seedlings grow? Nutrients
The most common nutrient deficiencies in tomato seedlings are potassium and phosphorus deficiency.
Phosphorus deficiency affects root development and growth in particular.
Bone flour, phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen tomatoes are the most commonly used supplements for relieving nutrients.
Nitrogen makes a significant contribution to the rapid growth of tomato plant. And it supports the fact that the plant is lush and greener.
In addition, keeping the areas of tomato seedlings very wide is another important factor that negatively affects growth. The plant roots in this case; Slows growth, flowering and fruit.
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When is tomatoes planted? Tomato is a plant that has no tolerance against frost, loves heat and lasts a long season. Therefore, cultivation is not recommended before spring. The mid -spring will be ideal for planting and planting.

How many days does tomato seedlings grow? How many days it gives fruit? [Button Link = “ The green part of the plant is sprouted when it occurs.
Seeds can be planted directly to the outside. However, this does not apply to all climate types. And it is necessary to grow the seeds in a closed area and then transfer them to the outside.
When the seedlings are transferred to the soil, the soil temperature must be over 15 degrees. The danger of frost should also disappear.
Harvest begins after 80 – 100 days after the planting of the seeds.
If you plant the seedlings, this time will be shorter. After 60 – 80 days, tomatoes reach harvestable maturity.
Carbonate carbonate into the tomato seedlings is discarded to balance the pH level of the soil of seedlings. The ideal tomato seedlings should be in the 6.5 to 7.2 pH. If these values ​​are lower than the soil will remain acidic. Acidic soil is not desired for tomatoes. Carbonate or limestone is added to the soil to attract this acid soil to the desired values. The fruits of tomatoes grown in the soil with carbonate will be sweeter. Cinnamon cinnamon to the tomato seedlings offers a natural solution without using a drug against the problem of fungal in tomatoes. 1 pinch of dust cinnamon is sufficient to combat problems such as mushrooms, molds and decays in the roots. You can subscribe to our Bulletin to be aware of our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our instagram page.
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