Seizure planting; Sowing rotation is an agricultural practice known for names such as crop rotation, October watch and alternation.
This method, which is widely applied in vegetable gardens, is simple. According to the method, the same crop should not be planted in the same area for 2 seasons in a row.
Every year, cultivating the same products to the same point will first minimize the risk of pest and disease.
For example, if there is a caterpillar invasion in a area where you plant tomatoes in a row each year, it is possible to completely end it by planting zucchini instead of tomatoes.
The ideal cycle time recommended in the cycle is that the first vegetables return to the first place in the 3rd or 4th year.
In other words, you have always planted zucchini this year on a vegetable bed you planted tomatoes. You planted carrots in the same place for the 2nd year. 3rd year you shed broccoli. And you completed the 4th anniversary and planted the tomatoes in their original places.
Why is sowing for seizures? Is the seizure planting good? The crop rotation is not only a method that aims to combat pests and disease. In addition, it aims to contribute to soil health and to increase the yield that plants can receive from soil.

Seizure sowing products / planting vigil ranking is decided by considering the plant families in which plants will be planted in the seizure.
For example, vegetables such as tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and potatoes are members of the same botanical family, even if they are not similar to each other. And these members are in the same group in product rotation. So they are planted simultaneously to the same area.
In rotation, members from different families are planted in the same soil in the seasons that come to the name of Ardı.
Let’s take a look at different families that can be put into rotation together:
Cabbage -absoricas-
Broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, turnip, Kararahana, Chinese cabbage, Alabas, mustard and radishes are in this family.
The members of this family are suitable for entering the rotation after legumes.
Eggplant -Nightshades-
Tomato, eggplant, pepper and potatoes are in this family.
They need rich soil.
They are affected by the same diseases.
Especially after the potatoes, the planting of tomatoes should be avoided.
Carrot, wild carrots, black carrots, turnip, fennel, parsley and dill are in this group.
Onions -alliaceae-
Onion, shallots, leeks and garlic are in this group.
Pumpkin -Cucurbitaceae-
Pumpkin, summer pumpkin, winter pumpkin, pumpkin, water pumpkin, melon, watermelon are located in this group.
Legumes -Fabaceae-
Green beans, peas, cowpea, peanuts, soybean beans are members of this family.
All legumes are on the task of soil stabilizing. And they contribute to the soil nitrogen.

Exceptions that are not suitable for seizures are not good to move because of perennial vegetables and herbs stay in the soil all year round.
For example, mint is therefore one of those who cannot be put into rotation.
Asparagus and the light are another example that is not suitable for rotation. In order for asparagus to be harvested efficiently, it must remain in the soil for 2 years before. However, at the end of a 2 -year maturity, the harvest begins.

Let us explain with the examples to fully understand how the sowing rotation of the seizure process will work:
Let us assume that we divide our garden in 3 parts. In the extra 1 small section, let’s separate for plants that will not enter the rotation.
First Year Part First: Eggplacic (Potato, Tomato)
Second Part: Legumes, onions (such as peas, onions)
Part Third: Cabbage (cabbage, like radishes)
Second year
Part of the First: Legumes, onions
Second Part: cabbage
Part Third: Eggplacic
Third Year Part First: Cabbage
Second Part: Eggplacic
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