Crystal quartz is known as one of the most powerful healing stones among all precious stones.
It has the ability to work on any health and fitness state and is often used to increase energy and intention.
Since it is a stone that protects against negativity, helps you to adapt to your high self and relieve pain, the benefits of crystal quarters are definitely recommended to experience everyone.
Crystal quartz stone properties and meaning chakra: crown chakra
Zodiac: associated with all horoscopes
Planet: sun
ELEMENT: All elements (soil, fever, air and water)
Vibration: #4
Typical colors: pure quartz colorless or white
Crystal quartz is a deep spirit cleanser, which is often referred to as the “master healer”. It works to absorb, store, release and regulate power.
While balanced your physical, mental and spiritual plans, it attracts all negative energies around you and neutralizes your background radiation. This; It makes you feel renewed, bright and happy.
Since ancient times, quartz stone has been used for various purposes. For example, the shamans used quartz as a means of clarity.
In addition, the Australian Aborigines of North America and Prairie Indians used it as talisman for visual work. and-anlamlari- nler/
What are the benefits of crystal quartz? It gives energy to both physical and energetic body.
It supports physical, mental and mental healing.
It is an excellent intention strengthener.
It stimulates and balances your immune system.
It helps concentration and opens the lock of the memory. Potentially allows you to dive into the depths of past life memories and access akashic records.
He is a vice -meditation and a strong supporter of all kinds of spiritual work.
Improves psychic abilities.
It is ideal for reaching mental clarity.
It improves internal personal vision and intuition.
Aligns and balances chakra centers.
Thoughts have the power to reproduce.

The types of quartz in general is that the quartz is so unique formation is that it is versatile; There are a wide variety of colors and powers that can be obtained to meet special healing needs:
Rose Kuvartzı
Green quartz
Cat eye
Smoky quartz
Strawberry quartz
Rutil quartz
Turmalin Quartz

Does crystal quartz enter the water?
It is among the water resistant crystals. It can be exposed to water for cleaning purposes. You can subscribe to our bulletin to be informed about our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our Instagram page.
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