Himalayan salt lamp; It is produced from Himalaya salt, which is an extremely pure pinkish salt extracted from deep mines in Khewra, Pakistan.
This salt; It is rich in mineral. It contains calcium, copper, iron, magnesium and potassium.
For the construction of the Himalayan salt lamp, the middle part of the salt is carved and a bulb is placed in this part that triggers the healing properties of salt.
In general, this salt is thought to be the ability to draw water molecules in the environment, relax and fight bacteria and inflammation.
[Button Link = “https://egepazarindan.com/himalaya-tuzu-1-kalite-fine-dilmemis-granul-pink-500-gr/ /Button] Salt also collects pollutant particles in pollen, mold and other pollutant particles while removing the water from the air.
A Himalayan salt lamp heated with a light source bulb draws these water molecules and other substances to itself and imprison them in the lamp.
Since the lamp is heated, the salt dries and keeps the contaminants when spreading the water vapor.
Himalayan salt lamps release negative ions and help to neutralize positive ones.
Negative ions can neutralize electromagnetic radiation and help improve the balance of the surrounding negative and positive ions.
The source of unhealthy positive ions is around us. Mobile phones, computers and tablets, microwave ovens, medical x -rays and even small appliances are a source of positive ion.
Scientists are still investigating the relationship between headaches, chronic fatigue, weak immunity, heart diseases and other health problems of exposure to such ions!
What are the benefits of Himalaya salt lamp? A scientific research focusing on the health benefits of Himalaya salt lamps is not yet available. However, various anecdote reports and various evidence of salt research in general show that Himalayan salt lamps are available in our home.
Improves air quality in the environment and helping to eliminate pollutants in the air can be presented as two other important reasons to choose the Himalayan salt lamp.
In addition, lamps may have various health benefits:
It has a positive effect on your mood,
Helping to alleviate allergies and asthma symptoms,
Contemporary and facilitating the transition to sleep,
The energizing effect is some of them.
How to understand the Himalayan Salt Lamp Fake? Fake lamps have many in the market. However, it is possible to distinguish small details and the fake and real salt lamp.
It is an important clue that shows that the lamp is too durable and unbreakable. Real lamps are delicate and fragile because they have salt content completely. It is not surprising to see that a real salt lamp is broken when it falls to the ground.
The light transmittance of the lamps prepared with real Himalayan salt is a low level of light. They offer a dim, limited light to the environment. But if the lamp is fake, it is possible to illuminate even an entire room with a single lamp!
Salt makes sweating depending on the moisture of the ambient moisture. If your lamp is sweating in the bathroom, for example, your good news product is not fake!
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Why does the salt lamp flow water? This indicates that the ambient moisture is very high. High humidity causes sweating in all salt lamps, including the Himalaya salt lamp.

Why does the salt lamp melt? “The salt lamp melts!” This complaint is very common. Natural and real salt lamps can melt over time if they are constantly exposed to humid environments.
In order to prevent this, it is recommended to keep the lamp in a dry environment. For example, very humid places such as bathrooms will not be suitable for the use of these lamps.
The life of a lamp stored under ideal conditions can be even longer than 15 years.
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