Fruktooligosaccharide (FOS) is a kind of prebiotic diet fiber of oligofructose (oligofructose) or oligophruk.
This diet fiber is soluted in water.
Depending on the consumption of valuable and healthy fiber, the feeling of satiety may increase, heal intestinal health and reduce bad cholesterol.
Fiber; Nourishes good bacteria in the GI channel and supports the smooth operation of the digestive system.
Oligofructose is widely known for its useful effects on blood sugar levels and body weight.
It can facilitate weight loss with a long -term feeling of satiety. Oligofructose and inulin -type fructanes can generally affect more than helping to protect a healthy weight. These nutrients support regular bowel movements by ensuring that the digestive system works smoothly.
Oligofructose nourishes useful intestinal bacteria, which can help protect against colorectal cancer, inflammatory bowel disorders and mineral deficiencies.
It can also reduce bad cholesterol levels, reduce fat storage in the body and improve lactose digestion.
Fibers that may be fermented such as oligofructose can also help to absorb certain nutrients in the body more efficiently.

What are the foods containing Fruktooligosaccharide? Fruktooligosaccharides consist of short fructose chains.
In short, they are also known as fos and are found naturally in some herbal food.
We can list some of these nutrients as follows:
Dandelion is one of these nutrients.
Fruktooligosaccharide nutrients have extremely low calories. It is unigured to the structure, so they have no effect on blood sugar levels.

What are the possible side effects and damages? Excessive use can cause stomach and intestinal complaints for some people. Potential side effects can be listed as follows:
gas and bloating,
Abdominal cramps.
Attention! It is recommended that daily fiber intake is not more than 25 – 30 grams to avoid possible side effects. If you have chronic constipation complaints, it is wise to add fiber to your diet. However, this addition should be slowly increased from day to day. You can subscribe to our Bulletin to be aware of our informative articles, current product and price lists, campaigns and follow our instagram page.
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